Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

By skepticlawyer

As Legal Eagle, Deus Ex Macintosh and a couple of others know, I have three characters in this novel who are — to greater or lesser degrees — torturers. One of them also has an excellent sense of humour. I mean, the little shit’s actually outstandingly funny. I tried to change this early on in the piece, but when a character runs away on you, deciding to take the pen out of your hand and write himself, changing anything gets rather difficult.

With that in mind, here’s a song I’ve been playing whenever I’ve had to write his scenes.


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    Their best album.

    On torture in the fictional world Tarantino’s latest flick features a bunch of Jewish-American soldiers whose mission it is to strike terror in the hearts of the Nazis.

    The trailer to which I’ve linked has brad Pitt saying “the Nazis ain’t got no humanity they got to be destroyed.”


    Apparently these guys go ’round scalping Nazis and carving swastikas into their heads. The other story is that of a Jewish girl’s plan to wreak vengeance on the Nazis by blowing up the cinema which she owns. Her family is killed by the Nazis at the beginning of the movie.

    Very talky apparently. And the critic for Sight and Sound makes the argument that the script is laden with flattering references to film criticism. Tarantino arrogantly declares this his ‘masterpiece’ thru Brad Pitt.

    Given his fearless racial riffing and what I see as a hyper-real commentary on reality (funny how Kill Bill a film where the only justice is vengeance and might is ultimately right came out a little while after 9/11) I’m looking forward to it.

    The film’s being lauded as brilliant and canned as boring. And there’s already a bit of discussion about things Jewish. Eli Roth who starts in it calls it ‘kosher porn’. I wonder if the flick queries the morality of what the Basterds are doing. Gaze not into the abys and all that.

    Funny, and I apologize if my linking to this offends, but the Neo-Nazis are having a whinge that Tarantino (the negro-lover) is picking on the poor Germans.


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    Oh dear, getting vision in my head of Max as werewolf hunter before firearms were invented… probably in Scandoland given Viking love for lethal hammers.

    (Never had that vision before… I was old enough to parse the lyric when “Max’s Ag Hammer” came out, and filed it away in the “avoid” bin with “Bonny Swans” – perhaps the sweetest song about family violence – sororicide)

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    A SciAm article on gender-specific capabilities with hammers just came out, although I don’t think they tested silver hammers.

    So… Maxine’s silver hammer would be more dangerous than Maxwell’s if the lights were on, but Maxwell more dangerous in the dark.

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    I thought this was sororicide. {scratches head}

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