Monthly Archives: June 2009

‘These are the days of miracle and wonder’

A few thoughts occasioned by our fighting over abortion and law, abortion and terror, abortion and Christianity, abortion and rights. They are scattered thoughts, alas. These debates do not bring out the best in us. As I wrote it I was listening to War of the Worlds. Go figure. 1. When my parents married, my […]

Home Grown

From Little Green Footballs: As we noted last Sunday, when murder suspect Scott Roeder was arrested, the phone number of Operation Rescue was discovered on a Post-It note in his car. Now it turns out that this wasn’t just the phone number of the Operation Rescue office, but of a specific person: Cheryl Sullenger, the […]

There are only 7 plots…

… And all of ’em are in Homer. Well, that’s the story, anyway. Sometimes the magic number is eleven. Sometimes the magic number is three. Sometimes it’s something else. Sometimes Virgil gets a look-in, but usually Homer gets the blame for the sum total of basic plotlines in Western Literature. I used to think this […]

Right Dishonourable Members: Will the last minister to leave, please turn off the lights

James Purnell the work and pensions secretary, last night dealt a monumental blow to Gordon Brown’s chances of holding onto office when he dramatically announced he was quitting the cabinet and asking Brown “to stand aside to give Labour a fighting chance of winning the next election”. His statement, in effect declaring Brown unelectable, will […]

A cunning plan…

I’m not a fan of the reality TV genre. It’s lazy television. It makes me want to come out in hives half the time. How can people embarrass themselves like that? It looks like reality TV might be going the way of the dodo in France. A French court has ruled that being a reality […]

MONDAY FUNNIES: Selective Termination

A prominent US abortion doctor has been shot dead at a church in the city of Wichita, Kansas. Dr George Tiller, one of the few US doctors who performed late-term abortions, had been vilified by anti-abortionists in the US. The gunman fled in a car, but officials say a suspect is now in custody. US […]