RDM: Damn poor show…

By DeusExMacintosh


A senior Conservative has called for MPs’ pay to be doubled – in return for scrapping their second home allowance. Sir Patrick Cormack says MPs annual pay should increase from £64,766 to more than £130,000.

He was condemned as “out of touch” by Labour, while Lib Dem Foreign Affairs spokesman Ed Davey said the veteran Tory “must be living on Planet Zog”. But Sir Patrick said he was standing by the call, made in a submission to the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

The committee, chaired by Sir Christopher Kelly, is carrying out a full investigation of MPs pay and allowances and is due to report later this year.

In his submission, Sir Patrick acknowledges his proposal could be seen as “politically unacceptable”. But he insisted he had “reluctantly” concluded that it was the best way to restore public confidence in Parliament.

BBC News

Major. Rebranding. FAIL. (again)

And yes, you read it right. Just over a year ago, Tory policy chief (and Rothschild director) Oliver Letwin announced that the Conservatives were now the “Party of the Poor”.

The party of the poor, deluded, rich bastard one must assume.

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    I’ve got a different idea about MP rumuneration. How ’bout they get a cost of living allowance and at the end of their term they go door to door in their electorate with a tin cup? Like buskers. 🙂

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