Monthly Archives: September 2009

A Trader’s Eye View: Market comment by Joe Cambria

SL asked me to do guest post as to what’s going on in the markets and what I think will happen next (yikes) Personally I’ve found this has been the most interesting period I have ever experienced in the financial markets. Volatility, policy adjustments and expectations have changed so much over a period of a […]

Ah, but we know what’s good for you!

I’d made some effort to ignore the latest inter-blog political stoush, but when I saw Helen on the Cast Iron Balcony who (unlike many people on all sides of politics in Australia) actually has something between her ears defending Robert Manne (quite possibly the rankest intellectual bully in Australia), I knew something was up. In […]

Shooting for the moon

They say when bartering that the seller should start high and the bidder should start low, and ideally, the two meet somewhere in the middle (at a mutually acceptable price). Still, you don’t want to start so high that you put your customer off or convince people that you’re not serious. I think sometimes litigation […]

Rattling the chipped enamel cup…

For reasons unknown, it seems that people have decided that the last week or so is donation time, and we’ve had three donations land in the tip jar. We are very grateful to you all; it is handy to know that we’re not boring our readers to tears or driving them around the bend. With […]

A matter of distinction?

I’ve written before about our Australian High Court showing a “trendy” side in transcripts. Via Roll On Friday, I learnt of a Scottish case which had the judge making a rather hilarious distinction: Lava Ignite nightclub in Edinburgh tried to stop the HMV Picture House from holding club nights. Lava sold the venue to HMV, and it […]

‘Don’t touch that, it’s concentrated evil!’

There’s a fascinating post (and comments) over at Pavlov’s Cat’s place on the unease she feels at an ‘exhibit’ (it is difficult, as PC acknowledges, to know exactly what to call it) organised by Médecins Sans Frontières. The exhibit (if you want to call it that) involves replicating, with a great deal of attention to […]

Red Riding

Yes, it’s the inevitable Sydney dust storm post… Australia’s biggest city, Sydney, has been shrouded in red dust blown in by winds from the deserts of the outback. Visibility is so bad that international flights have been diverted and harbour ferry traffic disrupted. Emergency services reported a surge in calls from people suffering breathing problems. […]

What Katy Did

I like crazy intellectual property disputes. The latest IP battle to catch my eye concerns Katie Perry (an Australian fashion designer) and Katy Perry (an American pop singer). Katie Perry sought to trademark her name in respect of her clothing design business, but Katy Perry’s lawyers contacted IP Australia to oppose the registration of the […]

H R Giger’s Tarot Deck from Hell

… Well, not quite, although the detail that his mother sometimes asks him to tone his art down is interesting. The background music is rather irritating, but the rest is distinctly worthwhile.

Calling history, come in history

Lawyers (and others) with professional expertise in a given field often complain when a film, television program or book makes use of their discipline for purposes of popular entertainment and then gets it wrong. I’ve lost count of the number of times (as DEM can testify) that I’ve wanted to throw things at the telly […]