UK Labour Party Conference

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    Better late than never (I hope).

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    He is, of course, using the wrong finger.

  3. Kodjo
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    Ah, the clarity & honesty of politics… & in graphics!


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    Re: Baby Borstals – the government can’t criticise women for responding to the incentives they have set up.

    Why not? Look at the “reform” (read: elimination) of Incapacity Benefit. They don’t accept that people have legitimately claimed and qualified for IB after working and paying years of national insurance and said “fair cop, WE didn’t set the bar high enough and can’t really afford to sustain support it at these levels”.

    They’re saying “look at all these lazy fakers sponging off the taxpayer so they don’t have to do an honest days work – let’s dump them onto unemployment and let them sink or swim”.

    Disclosure: I receive Incapacity Benefit and am not impressed.

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    Oh, and if you’re wondering about the “slit the throats of public servants” reference… in his conference speech Jack Straw likened asking the Conservatives to reduce the public service deficit to asking Sweeney Todd for a trim.

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    Ah, but we’re not really disabled, you see. We’re supposedly faking for the lavish lifestyle that extra £25 a week above unemployment benefit gives us. And even if we are disabled, we’re just not trying hard enough because lots of disabled people work (yadda yadda). It’s a stacked deck and a regular pattern.

    I’m informed through friends that the landlady who evicted me when I became disabled because she thought I was faking for benefits has now accepted that I am in fact disabled … but still thinks I’m exaggerating how bad it is and/or not trying hard enough.

    I try not to make the “humane” argument as it just feeds into the worthy/unworthy poor dichotomy [gratitude fatigue: nuff said]. Instead when asked “why should people like me who work pay for people like you who don’t?” I just answer “Because one day it might be YOU.”

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    That NatGeo piece is interesting, LE, and suggests that hominids were fighting off the evolutionary programming pretty early. It does make you wonder about all the ancient societies that actively encouraged parents to kill disabled children, eg the Spartans (who institutionalized it) or the Romans (who turned a blind eye to it).

    Interestingly — with the latter — the decision seemed to be largely aesthetic. We’ve got plenty of records of blind and deaf children being loved and cared for until adulthood, with some care — even among poor people — to find them jobs. I’ve seen funerary reliefs for blind priestesses who played music and lived at the local temple to [insert name here] for example.

    What they couldn’t stomach was physical ugliness, hence all the nasty letters between Livia, Augustus and Octavia about Cl-Cl-Claudius. He was very lucky to survive, and one suspects that had the decision been Livia’s, even in a fabulously rich family like that, he’d have had a meaningful encounter with a knitting needle.

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