Monthly Archives: November 2009

Marking time

I haven’t been about much for a number of reasons, the principle of which is that I agreed to mark some law exams for a colleague, and they’re due back on Thursday. There’s a tight turn around, so I’m finding I have to average around 10 papers a day to keep up with my schedule. […]

The Bent Spoon 2009…

… Where whack-jobs get their just deserts. I was kinda hoping Danny Nalliah and his anti-abortion noodles would get a guernsey, but the Australian Skeptics have instead gone for Meryl Dorey and her fellow anti-vax nutters for this year’s award. As Barry Williams tells it, the award has its origins back in 1982: In 1982, Australian […]

Wild Kingdom

GIRAFFE SUFFERS FROM CRICK IN THE NECK A giraffe in a US zoo has been pictured suffering from what looks like an agonising crick in the neck Five-year-old Amali from Tulsa Zoo, Arizona, suffered the unfortunate bend in transit from The Wilds park in Ohio. It is feared that the hook might never be cured. […]

Eighties Earworm du jour

I especially like the super-static, electrified cat. Paul Simon Boy in the BubbleUploaded by Celtiemama. – Explore more music videos.

I am not an underclass

Disability sucks. I just thought you should know that. It’s sometimes painful, always inconvenient and inclined to bite gaping holes out of your self esteem. Most people are pretty reliable: they get up in the morning, go to work or school during the week and kick back on the weekends doing activities they enjoy once […]

A world without monotheism

I originally posted this comment to the Richard Dawkins forum (which gets rather bitter and nasty over time). I’m writing a novel based around the issue now, but the question originally came from one of my students. ——————————— This topic came up when I googled the question ‘what would civilisation look like without monotheism? I […]

Denialism and moral equivalence

Clive Hamilton wrote a piece for Crikey earlier this week in which he likened those who deny climate change to those who deny the Holocaust. He said: We think of Holocaust deniers as being immoral because we suspect them of being motivated by anti-Semitism or a desire for political advancement through stirring up racial hatred. […]

Labour rank(n)phile

Harriet Harman, the deputy Labour leader, is to be charged with driving without due care and attention and driving while using a mobile phone, the Crown Prosecution Service announced last night… The CPS made the decision to prosecute last night after being passed a file by the Metropolitan Police on 9 November. If found guilty […]

David Cameron visits Brasenose

As many people would know, David Cameron is a Brasenose alumnus. 2009 is the college’s 500th anniversary (yes, I attend a college more than double the age of my country), and to that end has been putting on various rather pleasant events. There’s been the usual round of balls, parties, guest speakers and lots of […]

Charged with receiving chocolate frog

There’s not much to say about this story except that it is utterly outrageous: An Aboriginal boy, 12, will face a children’s court today charged with receiving a stolen Freddo frog. The chocolate frog, allegedly shoplifted by the child’s friend from a Coles supermarket in regional Western Australia, usually sells for about 70 cents. The […]