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Ricky Martin comes out!

Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin has announced he is gay, ending years of speculation over his sexuality. Martin, who has sold more than 60 million albums, said in a statement on his website he was “proud to say” he was “a fortunate homosexual man”. He added that he had kept his sexuality hidden because […]

Only a ginger…

I’ve mentioned before that I used to have that kind of hair I think of as “Scots colour”, which is a mix of red, brown and blonde. My husband has reddish-brown hair too. When I fell pregnant with my daughter, suddenly all the red in my hair vanished. I knew exactly to whom it had […]

The Libertarian Purity Test

Via the Australian Libertarian Society blog, I came across this rather amusing little exercise in placing oneself on the political spectrum. I still prefer the more famous ‘World’s Smallest Political Quiz‘, in large part because it gives one a strong visual sense that there are two axes along which freedom may be plotted (economic and […]

Tall poppies – or why I hate and love Australia

Mercurius at Larvatus Prodeo has a post about Tony Abbott’s triathlon attempt in which he criticises Abbott as an “overachiever”: Then there’s the overachievers. The people who are compensating for something. The people trying to fill the existential emptiness and smother those feelings of inferiority with accolades, approval and applause. Mercurius isn’t alone in criticising […]

The only piece of real estate in the ME not floating on oil…

… And still they keep fighting over it. The graphics were originally produced by ‘Maps of War‘, who do a nice job of this sort of thing. One thing that stands out to me: how late and brief European Colonialism was, which suggests that many of the people now moaning about it may be protesting […]

Cyberbullying and the law

[Cross posted at Fortnightly Review, the new online journal founded by IPRIA and the CMCL at the University of Melbourne. Please check out Fortnightly Review – it’s well worth a look.] 1. CYBER-BULLYING Cyber-bullying in Australia – Facebook It’s not only Lara Bingle and other celebrities who have to worry about cyber-bullying, “sexting” and how […]

Now this is good

Once again I’m pimping something regular commenter Lorenzo has written, in large part because it’s an excellent discussion of certain aspects of libertarian ideas that I’ve long wrestled with myself.  Many libertarians are distrustful of the state, and the things that the state can do. They are worried if someone sees service to the state […]

Brother Number One Says Markets Make Great Prosperity!

Over at Catallaxy, Sinclair has a very thought-provoking and chewy post on states that are economically capitalist but politically illiberal (to greater or lesser degrees). He asks whether those states will one day move beyond their illiberality, or whether they can remain illiberal while enshrining many of the things that make political liberalism possible: secure […]

Judges can “Google” too

The Second Circuit of the Court of Appeals in the US has handed down a decision concluding that it’s permissible for a judge to use Google to confirm a hunch in some circumstances (United States v Bari). The defendant was one Anthony Bari who was released on terms from prison after committing a bank robbery. […]

Welcoming ceremony

I was not brought up in any particular religious context. There’s not much standing on ceremony in my family. Still, if I ever go to someone else’s house, I try to make sure that I follow their traditions, whatever they may be. I just think that it’s the respectful thing to do. Secretly, just between […]