Monthly Archives: May 2010

Stop policing our food already

We were watching TV last night when a report came on about children and food. “Experts” said that children were coming home from school and drinking full cream milk and juice, along with chocolate biscuits and junk. And it had to stop because otherwise children would become obese. Long time readers of the blog will […]

Talking the talk, walking the walk

The more I see, the more I’m disappointed with KRudd’s government. I confess that I had high hopes at the start, which was probably a mistake. One should never invest politicians with hope. There were a few things that really worried me from the start about the government – the love of “spin” over substance […]

Artistic Expertise

Very often, well-known actors, sportspeople and artists are asked to opine on things well outside their ken. I’ve had it done to me in the past. I hope, for the most part, that I had the wit and wisdom to say, ‘well, I don’t know’, but sometimes, I didn’t. Okay, lawyers are opinionated bastards — […]

New Korean Minefield

North Korea is to cut all relations with South Korea, Pyongyang’s official news agency reports. KCNA said the North was also expelling all South Korean workers from a jointly-run factory north of the border. The move comes after an international report blamed North Korea for sinking a South Korean warship. Pyongyang denies it torpedoed the […]

You never know *who* you’ll find on Facebook these days…

I was thinking of doing a serious political post. Nah, I think we all need a good laugh instead. Any other Star Wars tragics out there? Go check out Darth Vader’s Facebook page. Also amusing in the same vein: The Facebook of Genesis.

Mixed messages

There are a lot of mixed messages in our society (for example, those surrounding young girls growing up these days). Something that has struck me forcefully in recent days, however, is that the press have been sending out very mixed messages about gay and lesbian people in our society. The first story to break was […]

The House that Jack Built

My friend Jack has a kitler. That is, a cat that looks like Hitler. Such things are not the product of some internet fantasy or determined skill in photoshop. I pulled up in his driveway a few years ago to see the thing sitting on his verandah, licking its paws, toothbrush moustache well in evidence. ‘Does […]

Going Burq-o

[Now cross-posted at Online Opinion – 21/5/10] There’s been a lively discussion at Larvatus Prodeo about the possibility that the French will ban the burqa. Of course, this follows on the heels of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s suggestion that the burqa should be banned in Australia. Bernardi suggested that the burqa was not only a […]

Help Wanted: Platonic Guardians Enquire Within

‘Why,’ asked a Labour friend of mine this week, ‘is Britain still run by people from Oxford and Cambridge? When is it going to stop?’ Her despair was as much about her own party as mine, as well as pretty much every other political grouping in the United Kingdom. David Cameron, check. Nick Clegg, check. Tony […]

Contract damages – the rhetoric-reality gap

In my chosen area of study, much ink is spilled on the topic of whether contract damages merely compensate for loss, or whether there are other exceptional measures of damages which may be employed (gain-based damages of various types, punitive damages etc). Still, there are some things we agree on. If you look in a […]