This ‘n’ that

By Legal Eagle

There are a few interesting posts around the place today, so I thought I’d just do a round up:

  1. HeathG at Minimal State wonders if GetUp! will get into trouble with copyright law as a result of its political satire video (which lends from various Hollywood blockbusters). I hope not, the video is rather funny, but my lawyer side thinks they might be skating near the edge.
  2. Tim O’Dwyer at Online Opinion bewails the rule of lawyers in our Parliament (he is a lawyer himself – takes one to know one!)
  3. Armagny wonders whether people smugglers should all be tarred as villains, something I’d been wondering too. This whole debate is depressing me. Surely there must be other ways of solving the problem?
  4. It’s a hard job being a psychic octopus: people don’t just want to shoot the messenger, they want to eat the messenger! Paul the psychic octopus correctly predicted Germany’s downfall at the hands of Spain in the World Cup, and his tentacles are at risk.

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