Monthly Archives: August 2010

Some days…

…you just feel disappointed in your countrymen. Like today. I happened to click on this awful little story in The Australian (reported in more detail at Perth Now): Aboriginal Liberal candidate Ken Wyatt has got [sic] hate mail from people who say they wouldn’t have voted for him if they had known he was indigenous. […]

Election Injection

Julia Gillard is a childless 48-year-old unmarried atheist redhead who lives in sin with her hairdresser. She is also the first woman to become prime minister of Australia. Just in case you thought that might mean a new era had dawned, be assured that it is probably just about over. Not that Gillard had radical […]

This bloke is really funny

A friend and I went to see magician and comic Pete Firman on the weekend (part of the Edinburgh Comedy Festival). I don’t usually have a great deal of time for magicians, in part because they so often take themselves so bloody seriously, when you and I know that the whole caper is a scam […]

Hung, drawn and quartered?

The outcome of the 2010 Federal Election is fascinating. The Liberal National Party have 71 seats, Labor has 70 seats, the Greens have 1 seat (their first ever won in a General Election), and other independents have 3. It looks like Labor is better placed to form a minority government, but we’ll wait and see. […]

Election Reflection

Well, finally it’s election day. I have to say that even though the campaign only lasted 6 weeks, I was heartily sick of it by the end. As I said in my post on the worm, I think the immediate attention on focus groups, opinion polls and knee-jerk reactions produces bad policy. It’s not policy […]

Facebook and friendship

In some ways, Facebook is very good for friendship. Via Facebook, I’ve managed to get back in contact with various childhood and school friends, which has been lovely. I am the kind of person who takes friendships seriously. I’m still friends with three people from Primary School, for goodness sakes, let alone numerous people from […]

The middle class can kiss my…

David Cameron claimed on Tuesday that he and his wife Samantha are members of ‘the sharp-elbowed middle classes’. This statement was at the same time an attempt to proclaim his ordinariness and a dig at middle-class values. The Prime Minister was in effect saying that he is much like everyone else while deprecating those whom […]

Where bad arguments go to be mocked

I’ve always found the various attempts to argue for the burqa or niqab as liberating rather than constricting and deeply misogynistic to be a steaming pile. Clearly the people at newsbiscuit agree. Some highlights: New laws in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will require that every Blackberry user dress their phone a miniature […]

And I broke a bloody fingernail!

Those of you who are my facebook friends will know that last night, I was the victim of a serious assault. That piece of legalese doesn’t, however, quite do justice to the experience of having a bottle smashed over one’s head. If it’s a ned, then it must be Buckfast. In short, two persons — […]

Ozblogistan News, Part Deux

Hello all, your friendly Ozblogistan Overlord here. Last week I wrote briefly about slowness being caused by attempts to debug a comments plugin used by several Ozblogistan blogs — Brian’s Latest Comments — in the context of Larvatus Prodeo. It transpires that LP’s database of comments was too large to process without causing errors and […]