Monthly Archives: August 2010

Immigration debate for Melbournites

As the election campaign gets into top gear, it’s becoming clear (from afar, at any rate) that immigration has somehow turned into a live issue again. I honestly thought it was pretty much dead and buried after Howard and Rudd’s efforts, but apparently not. You could call it the ultimate policy zombie. If nothing else, […]

Unhappy Medium

A major Edinburgh Fringe venue has defended its decision to put a “psychic medium” on the bill. Joe Power – “The Man Who Sees Dead People” – is to play a three week run at The Assembly. However, Power was booed and heckled during the Assembly’s 30th anniversary gala. Assembly director William Burdett-Coutts admitted he […]

Sexual harassment and the law

Personal recollections A long time ago, in the process of applying for Articles, I was sexually harassed by a male partner at a law firm. I think I was, anyway. I hadn’t received a place in the first round of offers, and I’d come to seek feedback on my interview technique. “What would you do […]