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Dave New World: Breeding Hell

New Conservative peer Howard Flight has issued an “unreserved” apology for saying child benefit changes would encourage the poor to “breed”. In a statement issued by the party, Mr Flight said he would like to withdraw the remark, made to a newspaper. His comments came after David Cameron urged him to apologise but rejected calls […]

The Feeding Storm

Drivers across the UK are being warned to take extra care as the working week begins amid further heavy snow and ice. Parts of eastern England and Scotland already under thick snow could get up to 25cm (10in) more by Monday morning. Plummeting temperatures overnight will lead to icy roads in many places, while strengthening […]

Saturday chit-chat and good news

First, the good news is that my PhD passed with minor revisions (mostly typographical). Hurrah! I am getting the final version bound as we speak. Secondly, sorry I haven’t been around much. I was giving at paper at this conference hosted by the CMCL, and I only had the brief interlude between finishing marking and […]

Vox Pont.

After a special service at Westminster Abbey later, the Queen is to open the Church of England’s general synod. The synod gets the honour of a royal inauguration because this is the established, state Church and the Queen is its supreme governor. The synod – the Church’s legislative body – is the only institution outside […]

Enforcing filial piety via legislation

(from Wikimedia Commons) According to Confucian ideals, filial piety is the ultimate value. Hence, it permeates many Asian societies. There is notionally no need for the state to provide for care for the elderly, because the children will look after their parents in their old age. The rather creepy statue above depicts Japanese man Ryochi […]

Happiness comes from within

In January of 2009 I wrote this post. Here’s the first paragraph: In yesterday’s Herald the irritatingly smug Prof Bob Cummins popped up again to remind us that people who live in the Inner West of Sydney are the unhappiest in Australia. Apparently people who live in a small town in Victoria (popn 4000) are […]

Disgorging dingo money…

I’m fascinated by cases where people are forced to cough up their ill-gotten gains (in my field, we call it ‘disgorgement’). Now, as I’ve noted on the recent David Hicks post, most of the cases involve ex-spies or something of that sort. Heath G has alerted me to a case which is a little out […]

Saturday chit-chat

Once again Rafe has done his round-up at Catallaxy Files and Don Arthur has done Missing Link at Troppo, so for a diverse selection of bloggy goodness, do check both out. In other news, I have seen a few pieces around the interwebs on the new security screenings at US airports, and how they amount […]

When there is demand…

…The market will supply. In Legal Eagle’s thread on alternative forms of assessment, Patrick dropped a link in the comments thread that exposed the extent of a problem I’ve long known about but couldn’t pin down with any precision. That problem concerns students — at all levels, including doctoral candidates — submitting customised material produced […]