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/end pleadings…Will we have online courts?

The other day I was joking that maybe in the future we’ll have Facebook judgments. One judge writes a status update expressing her opinion, the other judges “like” it or write a dissenting comment. I think that’s going a little far. But online court cases may be a thing of the future. I saw the […]

Ozblogistan will grow larger

For some time now I, your friendly Ozblogistan Tyrant, have been considering expanding the Ozblogistan family. For my thesis research I require a larger pool of blogs under management. To that end, I have opened up a second server for Ozblogistan. Shortly, one server will handle the database while the original server handles the web […]

Spend a penny?

Only Britain could produce a pressure group like this, but these days it seems the British Toilet Association is needed more than ever. In the wake of recent cuts, it seems that public loos are going the way of the blue suede shoe: One council is shutting all but one of its public toilets, so […]

Tertiary boycotts, online civility and agreeing to disagree

That got your attention, didn’t it? In light of how the issue I outlined here has managed to make its way around not only Ozblogistan but the MSM, I think it’s probably worth bringing a lengthy comment I made here up into a post of its own. Before you go onto reading it, I have […]

Australian Offence Force

ANY attack on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for claiming “sometimes s— happens” in Afghanistan is unjustified because Australia’s top commander in the region immediately agrees by claiming “it certainly does”. That’s the view of the Australia Defence Association, whose members include serving and retired soldiers, after viewing controversial footage aired by the Seven Network tonight. […]

Too many Tweets…

… Make a Twat. Well, that was David Cameron’s view during the 2010 election campaign, and I have to say I did (and largely still do) agree with him. I can understand using Twitter for the provision of information (done with great skill by the Queensland Police Service during both the recent floods and Cyclone […]

Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad Co – Reasonably Foreseeable?

One of the things you learn in law is that truth is stranger than fiction. I’m teaching Torts this year, and I’ve just had occasion to revisit Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad Co 248 NY 339; 162 NE 99 (1928). Gee, it’s a fantastic case. It’s generated debate for almost 100 years now, and to […]

With friends like these…

Information about every Trident missile the US supplies to Britain will be given to Russia as part of an arms control deal signed by President Barack Obama next week. Defence analysts claim the agreement risks undermining Britain’s policy of refusing to confirm the exact size of its nuclear arsenal. The fact that the Americans used […]

Lawful Evil

Via Jacques Chester, in the realm of ‘you can’t possibly make this up’, here’s a decision of the US 7th Circuit. Most of the time, I think that all the lawyer jokes out there are unfair. That said, as a lawyer, I’m prepared to take the rap because (a) lawyers tell lawyer jokes too and […]

Of secondary boycotts, free speech and… revenue

As many of  our readers are aware, the rather spiffy advertisements that–until recently–ran here (as well as on Larvatus Prodeo, Club Troppo and Jennifer Marohasy, to cover the political spectrum) were brokered by Online Opinion’s Graham Young. Graham–who both Legal Eagle and I consider a personal friend–is an internet ‘old hand’ who negotiated high quality […]