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PAUL Keating has mauled Labor’s likely new NSW opposition leader, John Robertson, accusing him of having no “moral authority” and warning that his ascension would put “lead weight” in Julia Gillard’s political saddlebags. The former prime minister said Mr Robertson, a former head of Unions NSW, wore the political deaths of up to 25 NSW […]

Bolta, racism and free speech

Hello all, I’m still not back at work yet, but I am slowly getting better from pneumonia. I should be back at work next week. A while back I mentioned that certain indigenous plaintiffs were bringing legal action against Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt. Maybe I’m odd; I don’t have the visceral hatred of Bolt […]

Eau Dear

The Deputy Prime Minister has commissioned a complete rethink of Lib Dem strategy amid rumblings about his stewardship at the highest level. Insiders say senior party figures including Chris Huhne, a former leadership contender, have been jockeying for position behind the scenes. Rumours about Mr Clegg’s leadership have emerged after mounting discontent among party members […]


The government is listening to the trade unions but will not change its deficit-cutting strategy because of Saturday’s march, Vince Cable has said… The Trades Union Congress said between 250,000 and 500,000 people attended the march and rally in London against cuts. They condemned violence which followed protests, leading to 201 arrests. All of those […]

Party Lines

An open letter to Angie Gray, Conservative MP, in response to her press release on the Reassessment of incapacity benefits. Dear all, From April this year a national reassessment of incapacity benefits will begin and letters will start arriving through letterboxes from the local Jobcentre Plus. Of the 2.6 million on incapacity benefits around 1.5 […]

Julia uses the F-word

THE Christmas Island detention centre will be significantly scaled down as a result of last week’s violent protests, as the government continues to be lashed by local residents who say they warned of the consequences of overcrowding at the facility. The Australian Federal Police finally reasserted control over the fire-ravaged centre at the weekend after […]

Aberdeen Breakwater by Ray Liversidge

Eye candy du jour… Results of the Scottish Nature Photography awards have been announced. I go more for landscapes personally but Ron McCombe’s winning image of the waxwing is awesome. – BBC News

Police Farce

[with grovelling apologies to the ghost of William Wordsworth] Police rushed a pair of officers in a marked car to a park after two young sisters were spotted picking daffodils. Sienna Marengo, four, was seen picking flowers with six-year-old stepsister Olivia in Poole, Dorset. A member of the public reported them to police and two […]

Legal Eagle is poorly

This is just a short notice letting you all know that Legal Eagle has been hospitalised with pneumonia. I think this is the third time now, so it is really getting a bit much to bear. As a consequence, it may be somewhat quiet around these here bloggy parts for a bit.

Chasing Parked Cars

Japan is experiencing its greatest hardships since World War II as it tackles the aftermath of an earthquake, tsunami and a growing nuclear crisis, Prime Minister Naoto Kan says. In a televised statement, Mr Kan warned of sweeping power cuts to come. He said the situation at the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant remained grave, a […]