Royal Wedding Special

By DeusExMacintosh

UPDATE: But sometimes, it’s just nice when the fuss is all over…


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    What an epic!

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    Apologies for what seemed to be a double post there – it appears some of this funnie escaped and contrived to be published elsewhere on the blog!

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    That was very good. Really, gold, is going around my workplace and facebook. Well done.

    You are in breach of palace rules and will shortly be made to play 3 rounds of the wall game with some ponces.

  4. kvd
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    Well done DEM; this has removed the last faint wish I had to defer sorting my sock drawer in favour of watching the ceremony. On a less serious note I see Geoffrey Robertson has been wheeled out to once again see if he can whip up any interest in turning us (Oz) into a republic.

    He begins “Tom Paine famously pointed out that a hereditary monarchy was as absurd as a hereditary poet or hereditary mathematician (today he might have added hereditary airline captain)” which got me to thinking, yet again, of just how property law flies in the face of such iron clad logic, by allowing us continuing property rights after death?

    So, lawyers, is it equally absurd to defend the concept of an “hereditary property owner”?

  5. Ray
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    My thinking that the Brits and the BBC are champions of free speech, has been proved wrong.

    But then I should have woken up sooner , as the BBC routinely has been censoring out any commentators who question the veracity of anthropogenic global warming.

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    [email protected] – “a hereditary poet” … well, um, sometimes it might be justifiable, and as for hereditary kappelmeisters, that would have been absolutely perfect in C17/C18 Germany

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    DEM Awesome Google-fu and I concur, funniest pics-with-captions post ever.

    [email protected] Sovereignty is generally (mostly) hereditary is it not? Why is a born monarch any more absurd than born citizen?

  8. kvd
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    Lorenzo I agree completely; it’s just that the world’s most famous person called Geoffrey Robertson seems to think otherwise. I mean, he’s a lawyer for God’s sake. Surely he can be trusted?

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    [email protected] on absurdity of hereditary poets – (i’m in spam bucket for links I think)… ummm…. you could do quite well with the Arnold/Huxley clan, and in C17/18 Germany, hereditary town organists would CERTAINLY be the go.

  10. kvd
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    [email protected] I agree completely, but didn’t know GR played the organ. But you’re well off topic. I wanna know who owns my house when I cark it? And if not, why not?

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    Orwell’s defense of monarchy — that it separates the power and the glory — keeps getting rediscovered. See Ross Douhat here:

    Whatever their customs and traditions, even the most modern polities often find themselves yearning, like the Israelites of old, for a kinglike authority. And the existence of a largely-powerless royal family can be a useful hedge against the perpetual temptation to invest ordinary politicians with quasi-royal powers, and then (almost inevitably) watch them run amok. (The experience of post-Franco Spain suggests that the restoration of a hereditary monarchy after a long period of dictatorship can play a similar stabilizing role.) Having a monarch as the symbolic head of state keeps elected officials in their place, provides an apolitical outlet for popular hero worship and the cults of celebrity, and satisfies the human hunger for ceremonial authority. If it’s an affront to democratic sensibilities, it’s also a safeguard for democratic institutions. Better a real king, crowned and powerless, than the many pseudo-kings who have strutted (and still strut) so destructively across the modern stage.

    As for Geoffrey Robertson, England tried republicanism and didn’t like it. The case for constitutional monarchy is empirical, that for republicanism, mere theory.

  12. kvd
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    [email protected] (unless Dave is further spam bucketed) that is a very neat summation, with which I agree entirely, and which is why I seriously doubt there will be any change any time soon in Australia – although I expect our American cousins might take issue with your “mere theory” signoff..

    Dave my reply was without your spammed contribution. Sorry. I’m beginning now to have serious doubts about Mr Robertson, and to add to your examples, I’m told by my 13 year old niece that Hanna Montana’s father is Billy Ray Cyrus! Now I don’t really know either of them, but I’m advised that they are a really cool family. I think that just leaves airline pilots…

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    It’s the Kate and Wills teabags that did it for me, I’m afraid. They even LOOK nicely relaxed …

  14. kvd
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    Well. I’m sorry to have appeared underwhelmed by it all, because although it is a minor diversion from all the real problems of the world, and although I think Victoria Beckham’s hat looks like a tv antenna, I do think it’s sometimes good to just kick back and allow the ‘mood’ to take over.

    I wish them well. And don’t the Brits do it very well?

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    Yes, sorry about the ‘extreme cartooning’ with regard to length – there’s been a lot going on and I thought it was at least as relevant to an Australian audience as an American Presidential Inauguration or a Scottish Papal VIsit.

    I really like that first wedding cake designed by Paul Smith (and feel very sorry for the sniffer dog) but there is something disturbingly lifelike about that knitted Prince Harry… it’s creepy.

  16. kvd
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    DEM – that “4th from the right” comment. You’re counting the corgi?

  17. Movius
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    The evidence is clear.

    USA – no monarchy. Richest country in the world, intrinsic freedoms for all citizens and respect for individual liberty

    Europe – Mostly monarchies. Collectivism, welfare state, inability to protect citizens from common thuggery.

    Support for subjugation to the British monarchy within Australian Conservative ranks is proof of a communist infiltration within conservatism in this country of the worst kind.

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    I’m not into pomp and circumstance (so count me as underwhelmed too, kvd), but I’m not a republican, either. And the less said about Geoffrey Robertson, the better…

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    [email protected]:

    Support for subjugation to the British monarchy within Australian Conservative ranks is proof of a communist infiltration within conservatism in this country of the worst kind.

    O Movius – nice to be laughing and in agreement with you!

    Philosophically, anti-monarchic (while seeing Lorenzo’s point about stability), but I’ve always found Queenie’s speeches to be worthwhile, and excellent examples how to criticise between the lines only, most politely. (People writing audit office reports on government agencies probably study her Xmas speeches in great detail.)

    Hmmm. I think some FU dvd’s might be pulled out over the weekend.

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    DEM – that “4th from the right” comment. You’re counting the corgi?

    You got something against corgis? Harry is the one in the red trim hat making disturbing eye contact with the camera.

    [email protected]: “USA – no monarchy. Richest country in the world” Not according to S&P or Ben Bernanke…

    I’m happy to raise a glass and wish the married couple well – they’re going to need all the help they can get.

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    I bet the tabloids would love to be all traditional, REALLY traditional, witnesses to consummation (or not) avoiding uncertainty about getting the thing annulled.

    Ruper has probably bugged the bedroom.

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  23. Movius
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    [email protected]: That fact is irrelevant because it doesn’t suit my argument.

    Good luck to the newlyweds. Hopefully the good prince refrains from offering fraudulent medical advice like his father.

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    Oh, this is the only bit of stuff using the royals as a sales pitch that got my attention in a positive way… and I know DEM loves it.

    it’d probably be good hooked up to a treadly too.

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    It is always amusing to count the monarchies in the top 10 HDI (Human Development Index) countries.

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    I enjoyed the wedding, watching with a friend fortified by red wine and take-away pizza.

    Harry looks astonishingly like his Uncle Spencer. William has his mother’s mannerisms. The wedding dress was clever and elegant. Enjoyed the shots of the Abbey — which really is a stunning building, I thought the greenery was a nice touch. But what was it with the brain-sucking hats of several of the lady guests?

  28. kvd
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    Well I went to bed as soon as the bride got out of the car, but have just watched a 30 minute rehash of highlights. DEM you can have the scooter/caravan if I can have the Aston Martin – an object of desire since forever. Those hats are weird, hey? I just don’t get the point of wearing them.

    Anyways, I guess the old republic/monarchy debate will get put away for a couple more years, but if we were to have an Australian ‘queen’, I’d vote early and often for Quentin Bryce.

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    The hats struck me as very Melbourne Cup, but then I haven’t seen enough Ascot to make a realistic comparison…

    This has gone viral, BTW, as in all over my Oxford and Edinburgh networks (and nothing to do with me, either, I was in a Faculty of Advocates study group all day).

  30. conrad
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  31. Davo
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    Where would we be without the envy of peasants 😉

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    Making the close personal acquaintance of Madame La Guillotine one imagines…

  33. LJS
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    I managed to avoid most of it, but did see them leave the Abbey – I could almost hear them counting to ten as they paused on the steps:) – and some of the silly hats – top marks for WTF-ness to the “Bagel & Bow” worn by one of the daughters of the Duke of York, I think.

    I admit to being a sucker for all the nicely turned out horsemen etc., though they must spend literally days polishing in the leadup.

    Definite highlight for me was the Battle of Britain Memorial Warplane flyover – I just love the drone of those old Merlin engines – and to see the Lancaster out was a real treat. IMO they should get the ceremony over and done with so the newlyweds can stand on the balcony and kiss, and kiss, and kiss, while the warbirds do laps of London 😉 Royals should wed more often if it gets those planes out!

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    You wonder which is the bigger job for a horseguard… the mucking out or polishing those kinky thigh-high leather boots with fins (around those muscular young thighs… {drools}).

  35. Jacques Chester
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    On the subject of wedding funnies, here’s Col Wicking’s take.

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