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Martin McGuinness is willing to meet the Queen

Martin McGuinness has said he will be prepared to meet all heads of state “without exception”, if he is elected President of Ireland. Sinn Fein announced on Friday that it would be supporting Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister for the role.

Returning from a trip to the US on Saturday, Mr McGuinness said he hoped his candidacy would not be divisive. When the Queen made her first visit to Ireland in May, Sinn Fein did not take part in any of the main ceremonies.

Speaking to the BBC on Saturday morning, Mr McGuinness said he had given careful consideration to his decision to stand. He was asked how he would handle another Royal visit to Ireland, given his party’s position on the Queen’s historic trip.

He said: “If the people of Ireland decide that I should be their president, my responsibilites and duties would be to meet heads of state from all over the world and to do that without exception and that would be my position.”…

A former IRA commander, Mr McGuinness has been Deputy First Minister since 2007.

While he is likely to face significant scrutiny of his paramilitary past, his party colleagues believe his high profile during the peace process should help build the Sinn Fein vote.

BBC News

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