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Dorothy Dix is Dead

THE days of endless question time haranguing may be over following a landmark edict by Speaker Harry Jenkins ruling disparaging partisan remarks out of order in the federal parliament. Mr Jenkins slapped down ministers today, ruling out formulaic “Dorothy Dix” questions which set the stage for gratuitous attacks on the opposition. The change came after […]

Bloggers AWOL

Just a short apology for our collective absence of late, but I have returned from my London sojourn to an exploding in-tray, DEM is in the throes of designing a corporate calendar for a client, and Legal Eagle has pneumonia. Again. As one of those people who gets sick about once every three years and […]

Curried Martyr

You all know, I’m sure, plenty of redneck jokes. Do you go to the family reunion to meet women? If you divorce your wife, is she still your sister? Have you ever cut your grass and found a car? Do people come to your house every day mistakenly thinking you’re holding a yard sale? Do […]

Put not your faith in labels: naming in the dismal science – guest post by Lorenzo

[SL: A frequent criticism of economics is that the ‘dismal science’ is now too big for its boots: it makes claims in rhetorical language that would do credit to a theologian or philosopher, and often appears to step far outside its remit. This criticism is particularly acute when some large rhetorical claim turns out to […]

Marco? Paolo!

A massive power cut has caused blackouts in the US states of California and Arizona, and in Mexico. Five million people were without power on Thursday, with many likely to remain out of service for another day or two. There was traffic chaos. San Diego was the worst affected city, where all outbound flights were […]

One Nation, Under CCTV

I forgot to put one of these up last week (as in, a chit-chat thread), which meant that the previous week’s Saturday chit-chat thread got rather long and out of hand. Bear with me, I am trying to get into the habit… Since this weekend is the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, rather than do a […]

Dorries Abortion Bill in Parliamentary Smackdown

A Tory MP has said David Cameron apologised for the way he responded to a question she asked about the clout of the Lib Dems in the coalition. At PM’s Questions on Wednesday, Nadine Dorries urged Mr Cameron to show his deputy Nick Clegg “who’s the boss”. Mr Cameron said he knew she was “very […]

Miss Manners and playing the victim

Since we no longer live in an age defined by Debrett’s, etiquette is turning into something of a minefield: it is difficult, even impossible, to work out exactly what one should do in many situations. This seems to apply particularly to matters of romance, which perhaps accounts for at least part of the boom in […]

Waste: a parable

As you may recall, I promised — while in London on other business — to cover this trial. I was thwarted in this aim, although not only because the hearing set down for September 5 was a committal, not a trial. In the end, I was thwarted in covering the committal, too, and thereby hangs […]

Spend a Pen-y

Police are investigating how a vehicle ended up on a footpath close to the summit of Snowdon. It is believed the 4×4 was driven up on Saturday morning but may have become stuck on the descent about 400 yards (365m) from the top. North Wales Police confirmed they were called to the incident but currently […]