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From the land that brought you the deep fried Mars Bar…

Welcome to Scotland [NSFW, so lean over your computer before you fall about the place laughing].

Some food for thought: Reist v Wilson

Various people wrote thoughtful responses to my piece on the distinction between principled and means-end limits to law in the context of the ongoing Melinda Tankard Reist v Jennifer Wilson dust-up. I was rather busy last week and so didn’t respond; I figured I ought to respond, so here are some comments and thoughts (still, […]

Further evidence that women are obsessed with shoes

I promise that this will be our last shoe post. Yes, really! DeusExMacintosh came up with the idea, which I then executed. She was unable to find suitable pictures on which to exercise her black belt in photoshop, you see, so I stepped in. Why, you may wonder, do I not do this sort of […]

The Other Shoe

JULIA Gillard’s office has been rocked by the resignation of a media adviser who helped spread information used to incite an Aboriginal tent embassy riot. Tony Hodges, who has worked in the Prime Minister’s office since 2009, told an unnamed source that Tony Abbott would be at an awards ceremony near to the Aboriginal tent […]

When one’s IQ is less than one’s shoe size, and we’re only talking one shoe…

I am stealing this observation from regular commenter Nick Ferrett, because it bears repeating: So Tony Hodges, the PM’s senior media advisor has resigned after disclosing to the tent embassy people that Abbott was at the Lobby Restaurant with Gillard. OK, you people are now officially too stupid to be in government. Leave aside the morality […]

Australia Day shenannigans

I have to say that I am pretty unimpressed with the actions of the activists who forced Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to flee the Lobby Restaurant yesterday, where she was attending an Australia Day function to celebrate emergency services. For non-Australian readers, yesterday was Australia Day, a public holiday which falls on the anniversary […]

G.O.P.? O.M.G.!

‘Once we suffered from crimes; now we suffer from laws’

… Tacitus, shortly after the Praetorian Edict, hitherto subject to an annual sunset clause, was enacted in perpetuum, thereby ending most substantive Roman legal innovation and, arguably, Roman societal and scientific innovation as well. Hold that thought. Law has limits I Russell Blackford, toiling alone, has attempted to draw our attention away from the Melinda […]

Park & Pride

Australia’s Opposition leader, Tony Abbott, has been criticised for making a “tasteless” joke about the Costa Concordia disaster. Mr Abbott, who has been a fierce critic of the Gillard Government’s efforts to stem the flow of boat people, jokingly described the liner as “one boat that did get stopped”. The Government pounced on the comments, […]

The Midwich Cats

On the bonnet of the damned…