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Labor Leader LOLz

Kevin Rudd has confirmed he will stand against Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Monday’s Labor Party leadership ballot. He would ”restore the trust” of the Australian people that she had lost, he told a news conference in Brisbane. Ms Gillard, who ousted him as prime minister in June 2010, called the vote following weeks of […]

The Labor Schism

Since my post on Rudd’s announcement that he was resigning as Foreign Minister, Australian politics has now become a bear pit, at least on the Labor side. No sooner did Rudd resign than the Labor MPs started aligning themselves as pro-Gillard or pro-Rudd (Gillard appears to have the numbers). A number of Ministers in the […]

Eye Candy du Mer

Photographer Mark Tipple uses an underwater camera to capture the “battle” between man and the power of ocean waves in Australia. His book, called the Underwater Project, shows surfers, bodyboarders and swimmers diving below the surf to avoid being pounded. The Telegraph has two galleries of Mark Tipple’s work, or you can go to THE […]

The Notpology

Apologising for something one does not think is wrong is not very nice. Apart from anything else, it is insincere. I have done it several times in my life, once publicly. The public apology was not a success for anyone concerned (me or those who disliked me), and I have long since retracted it. Sometimes […]

Look what they’ve done to my government, Ma…

I’ve avoided posting on Australian politics for a long while because it’s really been a bit farcical, and frankly, I have found the whole thing deeply depressing. For overseas readers, our present Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, came to power in June 2010 after ousting the incumbent elected Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, after Rudd’s ratings fell […]

Guess the place…

… Before using their cheat sheet [now stolen by Google Plus, sorry]. There’s a parable about the stupidity of intellectual property laws in here, too. UPDATE 29/2/12: Especially given the fact that we’ve now had to re-source the video over eight times due to pursuit by copyright claims. Current copy is here but is subject to […]

Some people have all the (bad) luck

When we lecturers write exam questions involving hypothetical legal problems, we create a string of mishaps which happen to one poor hypothetical plaintiff. Occasionally students complain that these scenarios are not realistic. This morning in the Herald Sun, I read this story, and I think I’ll show it anyone who complains about unrealistic bad luck […]

Tippers are sexy, you know

… Just sayin’. I saw this handwritten on a notice stuck to the bar in a pub the other day, and I thought it was pretty good — good enough to steal, anyway. As many of our readers know, we run advertisements on this blog with a view to paying Jacques for his sterling efforts, […]

Simon Cowell’s next recording star…

… Alaska’s got talent. Mind you, I strongly suspect that Mishka the husky’s owner has fed her through Autotune, an ingenious piece of audio processing software that blends pitches to the nearest true semitone (to the exact pitch of the nearest tone in traditional equal temperament). While huskies are among the most tuneful of dogs (in part through […]


Tesco has come under increasing pressure from customers to stop participating in government unemployment schemes which allow the company to take on jobseekers to stack and clean shelves for up to eight weeks without paying them. After a link to a job centre advert was posted on Twitter on Wednesday evening, appearing to show that […]