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Ode to Property Law

As a result of discussions on Twitter with Kat Gallow (who blogs at Curl) I have been thinking about why I love Property Law (yes, #propertylawnerd alert). As Kat noted, property law has a bad reputation amongst law students as dry and boring. However, I believe that nothing is further from the truth. I’m going […]

When storage gets awkward

  You know you have too many books when this starts to happen. I have been there. Judging by the literate comments from our readership, so have you. By the way, this is the weekend chit-chat thread, so feel free to natter, engage in linkitude and so on and so forth. Murdoch at Leveson, Rangers […]

The Bakerloo Massacre?

A London Underground train has hit an obstruction on the Bakerloo line, causing severe delays. The line was suspended between Elephant & Castle and Piccadilly Circus, while the rest of the line was severely disrupted. Transport for London (TfL) said the tunnel had not collapsed and that no-one was injured. It comes as maintenance workers […]

‘If Jews move into our street, house prices will go down’

Sounds like a Daily Mail reader, nicht wahr? The obsession with property values, the casual racism, the little-Englander mentality. Except the ethnic group is wrong. These days, people would likely love the thought of Jews moving in next door. They’ll look after the property, mow the lawn, always make sure the car is put away and […]

About Austrian economics

I find Steve Horwitz, along with George Selgin (prominent advocate of free banking and supporter of a productivity norm [pdf] for monetary policy), the most accessible of contemporary Austrian school economists as they are both clear writers who seek to engage with those who are not of their school and are refreshingly free of the nastiness […]

Kony of Silence

  The Kony 2012 Cover the Night campaign woke up to awkward questions on Saturday after activists failed to blanket cities with posters of the wanted Ugandan warlord, Joseph Kony. The movement’s phenomenal success in mobilising young people online, following last month’s launch of a 29-minute documentary which went viral, flopped in trying to turn […]


As readers may have noticed, once again we’ve been nominated for the Sydney Writers’ Centre ‘Best Blogs’ Award. I have no idea how we will go this year, as we were shortlisted last year and they may decide they’ve had enough of us. However, it was nice to be shortlisted and there was an informative […]

Copyright, Kookaburras and Greg Ham

I was really sad to read about the recent death of Greg Ham, the flautist from Australian band Men At Work. The cause of death has still not been determined. The worst of it is that right up until his death, Ham appears to have been very distressed about a copyright case, Larrikin Music Publishing […]

Suffer the little children: the burden of culture

A description of what confronted a Commonwealth officer in the Northern Territory during the Pacific War (1941-5), when thousands of service personnel passed through the Northern Territory: … once you introduced a European or Asian father any child of that liaison had any rights as an Aboriginal extinguished at birth. They were not classed as […]

Last Trump

US tycoon Donald Trump has warned that wind farms could “completely end” tourism in Scotland and the country is “in effect committing financial suicide”. Mr Trump said he would not have built his golf course in the north east of Scotland if he had known about plans to install turbines off the coast there. He […]