I always feel like, somebody’s watching me…

By DeusExMacintosh

I always feel like, somebody's watching me...
I always feel like, somebody's watching me...
I always feel like, somebody's watching me...
I always feel like, somebody's watching me...
I always feel like, somebody's watching me...

The government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.

Internet firms will be required to give intelligence agency GCHQ access to communications on demand, in real time.

The Home Office says the move is key to tackling crime and terrorism, but civil liberties groups have criticised it.

Tory MP David Davis called it “an unnecessary extension of the ability of the state to snoop on ordinary people”.

Attempts by the last Labour government to take similar steps failed after huge opposition, including from the Tories.

A new law – which may be announced in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech in May – would not allow GCHQ to access the content of emails, calls or messages without a warrant.

But it would enable intelligence officers to identify who an individual or group is in contact with, how often and for how long. They would also be able to see which websites someone had visited.

In a statement, the Home Office said action was needed to “maintain the continued availability of communications data as technology changes”.

“It is vital that police and security services are able to obtain communications data in certain circumstances to investigate serious crime and terrorism and to protect the public,” a spokesman said.

“As set out in the Strategic Defence and Security Review we will legislate as soon as parliamentary time allows to ensure that the use of communications data is compatible with the government’s approach to civil liberties.”

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    And I always thought the idea of an omniscient god was bunkum,

  3. kvd
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    Great one DEM! Enormous amount of work; and I love the horsey. Maybe he feels like an astronaut? I understand that in space noone can hear you scream.

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    Hence the silence as James was flushed out the airlock at BSkyB two days ago…

  5. kvd
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    D’oh 😉

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    DEM wins the internetz for today.

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