Trees good, parking bad

By Lorenzo

I live within the boundaries of Maribyrnong Council in an area that fulfils my definition of “inner city” (it has back alleys and many houses don’t have driveways). So, parking is a bit of an issue, while a certain queueing politeness is needed while driving–quite a lot of the streets only allow one car to pass at a time.

The Council has clearly decided we need more trees, less parking and more traffic hazards, installing concreted squares with planted saplings on lots of the local back streets.

Traffic hazards with helpful light reflectors added (picture taken on a weekday).

So, things will be greener, but more frustrating.

This is also the Saturday chit-chat post.


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    I spent all day yesterday at the National Road Safety Forum, where oarking wasn’t mentioned! But it’s all part of the one great human/vehicle issue. I wrote abut it on my blog:

  2. TerjeP
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    The trees will stop people crashing into the electricity poles. Consider them a safety feature.

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    Indo-European Languages Originated in Anatolia, Research Suggests


    What fascinates me about this story is the recent analysis which suggests that circa 6,000 years ago the wall between the Black Sea and the Med collapsed, causing a huge flooding of the then Black presumably freshwater lake. The impact would have been devastating, loss of a rich fertile area with abundant fresh water, the result being a massive migration.

    So I wonder if that Flood(yes it is believed to be a source for the Flood story) played a role in this language spread.

  4. kvd
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    Needs a roundabout and a couple of speed humps, then it’d be quite familiar.

  5. Mel
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    It’s called traffic calming.

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    In things we are not surprised by, a recent study finds Catholic priests are more likely to have had homosexual than heterosexual experience prior to joining the priesthood.

  7. kvd
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    [email protected], a phrase that took my fancy the other day: “..the languid contemplation of the miseries of others“. Christopher Hitchens wasn’t, but could have been, describing the world of blogs and commenters. Don’t you think?

    Anyway, it always pleases me to find little pearls such as this.

  8. Mel
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    Can the Christian Taliban get any weirder?

  9. Mel
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    Sounds like the teabaggers have been listening to Lorenzo’s laissez faire development proposals.

  10. Jonathan D
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    My definition of “inner city” is somewhere you don’t need a car. Or maybe somewhere you’d be better off without one.

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    Maybe once the trees have grown, they will provide some noise reduction.

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    After a few years, that eyesore above will be transformed into a much shadier, cooler, better looking environment, encouraging cycling and walking instead of charging up and down in giant SUVs. the citizens of Maribynong do love them, but after peak oil perhaps they’ll be persuaded to give them up.

  13. kvd
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    So, the acoustic moved the ascetic to acerbic? I like the result; hopes music always intrudes you thereupon.

  14. kvd
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    Note to self: make sure one is attached to the correct bloggery post…

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