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By DeusExMacintosh

"We don't want freedom, we want Islam"

More than 200 protesters gathered outside the US Embassy in London on Friday in protest at the anti-Islamic film that has sparked scenes of violence and murder in cities across the Middle East.

The demonstrators, some of whom concealed their identities behind headscarves, were led by Anjem Choudhary, a well-known activist and former spokesperson for the now banned Islam4UK.

The protesters waved Jihadi flags and anti-America placards around 50 metres from the front of the Grosvenor Square consulate.

As an American and an Israeli flag were burned, the demonstrators chanted “down, down USA, Barack Obama you will pay”.

The film that sparked the riots, entitled Innocence of Muslims, is a crudely shot, low budget production which depicts the Prophet Muhammad as a drunk, philanderer and a homosexual.

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK, one protester, who refused to give his name, blamed the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi on Wednesday, on “freedom of speech”.

“This is what happens when you can say anything,” he said.

“Would it not be better for you [The West] to stop those who go beyond the limits and insult the messenger [Muhammad]?

“Obama and Clinton should not condemn the protests but condemn the mouths that speak against the prophet.”

“This is the direct result of man-made law and freedom of speech. We do not want freedom, we want Islam.”

Huffington Post

{sings} He’s re-view-ing, the sit-u-a-shun..


  1. Posted September 17, 2012 at 8:20 am | Permalink

    from my Fbk feed this morning: ‘Rob Greaves
    There is a posting on FB of a group of Muslims carrying a crucified cat! – this is to upset those of us in the West. I can’t bring myself to ‘share’ the picture because it WILL cause distress. I have photo shopped out almost all of it out, so you can see what I mean. All I have to say is these fuckers will get what they deserve. It seems as though many of us in the West bend over backward to try and accommodate their beliefs, in Australia to try our best for a pluralistic society. However, I for one am getting to the point where I’m not prepared to do this anymore! keep spitting on us, and we will spit back. EVERYONE should be welcome to settle in this country, and have the opportunity of helping develop this nation into the best in the world. However, if you are not prepared to leave your bigotry and fanaticism behind, either don’t come here in the first place, or piss-off as quickly as possible. There, that’s all i will say before I say thing I will have to recant later. As for those people in that picture, if this is what your God approves of, you are in a sick religion indeed’ …
    and I logged-out swiftly.
    Muslims have been terrorising everybody else for millennia – ‘the wailing wall’ is the one left after They smashed the other 3 in the 11thC.

  2. Jolly
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    My parents had universal values. I have all faiths and races in my close knit family through marriages of my siblings and I. One of my sisters-in law is a Muslim, another a staunch Buddhist and a recent addition is a Hindu. One of my brothers-in law is a Catholic, while the other is an ardent atheist. I am a practicing Anglican. My family has always believed that religion is a very personal and private matter. None of us insults the other for one’s personal faith. We love one another and my parents are extremely proud of their multi-faith (including no-faith) grandchildren.

    What happened in Sydney is utter madness and an unbridled emotional reaction that gives more credence to the lunatic who produced that film decrying Prophet Mohamed. BUT, why in heaven’s name do these protesters react against our police and law enforcement officers for what happened in the USA is beyond me. Some Muslims behave as though they have no critical thinking skills, or reasoning skills but are quick to resort to violence, burning of flags, suicide bombings and killing Ambassadors. Australia is NOT America, Australia is NOT an Islamic nation,; we are secular!!. Most Muslims who came here were running away from the tyranny of Islamic fanaticism, be it in the Middle East (including Lebanon), Africa, Pakistan, or currently from Afghanistan. Yet a few of them here behave in an equally fanatical way. Shame, shame; reason has taken flight for these fanatics. What a bad name for Islam and other educated and reasonable, law-abiding Australian Muslims.

    This makes me want to question our intake of more Muslims refugees if the current behavior of the protesting Sydney mob is anything to go by. I am wondering if our refugee intake needs to be directed towards non-Muslims … any religion as long as it is not the fanatical, uneducated, thuggish Muslims like the ones we witnessed in Sydney.

    The rule of law must always prevail in Australia. We do not want the troubles of the Middle East or Afghanistan, or Pakistan to tear apart our peace-loving, tolerant people. I hope that these law-breakers are hunted down and brought to justice. Keep religion out of the public arena. Australians must, first and foremost, be loyal to this land and abide by the laws of this land.

  3. kvd
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    I’ve yet to read Lorenzo’s latest post, but just a couple of tentative “facts” about Saturday in Sydney.

    1. The entire demonstration consisted of somewhere between 300 and 400 people.
    2. When the demonstration became unruly most attendees began leaving, to the point that:
    3. At the time of the police confrontation there where approximately 100 in the crowd, of which:
    4. Between 20 and 25 aggressive individuals began a physical interaction with them.

    – as reported by a Deputy Police Commissioner to one of our wonderful shock jocks this morning. And you could hear the disappointment in said jock’s further questions.

    Jolly, I know you mean well, and I do identify quite strongly with your feelings about the society we wish to live in – but please tell me you are not basing your entire attitude towards ‘Muslims’ on the mis-shapen actions of 20-25 young hooligans out for a fight – any fight – on a sunny Sydney morning.

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    I think it’s fair to say that the religious pottiness is, shall we say, more evident in Britain. Seeing those beheading posters (carried by far more than 25 people, I might add, and not always by hotheads, either) in Australia is not something I ever expected.

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    I think the discussion on lateline contained some insightful points.

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