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By DeusExMacintosh

ASIO hub plans stolen in cyber-attack

Foreign Minister Bob Carr says a report alleging Chinese hackers stole plans for Australia’s new intelligence hub will not hit ties with Beijing.

On Monday the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported blueprints setting out the building’s cable layouts and security systems had been illegally accessed by a server in China.

Mr Carr did not comment directly on the claims.

But he said the government was “very alive” to cyber security threats.

“I won’t comment on whether the Chinese have done what is being alleged or not,” he said.

“I won’t comment on matters of intelligence and security for the obvious reason: we don’t want to share with the world and potential aggressors what we know about what they might be doing, and how they might be doing it.”

But he said the ABC report had “no implications” for a strategic partnership. “We have enormous areas of co-operation with China,” he said.

BBC News


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    Technical problems (I have no idea of what sort) stopped this post from publishing when it was supposed to publish. Apologies for this, hope we haven’t missed the moment.

  2. Mr T
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    I presume that the alleged cyber attack by chinese hackers that prevented the posting of this post will not be commented by the posters at ScepticLawyer. Also that the alleged incident will have no effect on the future relations between Sceptic Lawyer (the blog) and China

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