The Turd Umpire

By DeusExMacintosh

2013 Ashes final a draw due to light

Michael Clarke was involved in a physical confrontation with umpire Aleem Dar and England will press the International Cricket Council to change its rules over bad light as the Ashes series ended in boos and recriminations at the Oval.

Clarke revealed he told Dar not to touch him after the official appeared to push him away as he was consulting his light meter.

Clarke was urging the umpires to take the teams off the field after seeing the reading on the light meter, which he said proved the light was darker than when the umpires suspended play in the third Test at Old Trafford as Australia pressed for victory.

“I remember him [Dar] touching me and I asked him politely not to touch me as if I touched him I would be banned for three games,” said Clarke. “There was no comparison with the light. I remember seeing the reading when we were told we had to go off in Manchester.

“There was a big difference. It was certainly darker out there then than in Manchester. We have to go on the umpires’ call. If they say it is safe to keep playing we keep playing.”

Boos rang around the ground when Dar and Kumar Dharmasena took the players off and suspended play. Giles Clarke, the chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board and an influential presence at the ICC, will call for the governing body to change regulations regarding bad light.

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