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Federal Election tomorrow

LABOR’S claim that an Abbott government would cut services to fund its promises is resonating in the electorate – but the Coalition is resisting huge pressure to crank up its own attack ads about Kevin Rudd.

Labor’s nightly track polling in marginal seats by party pollster UMR, provided to The Australian, shows that over the past fortnight, between 49 and 55 per cent of voters were “worried” about cuts that a Coalition government could make to jobs, health and education. Polling undertaken on Tuesday night showed 15 per cent of voters in marginal seats were “extremely worried” about cuts to services, 16 per cent were “very worried” and 24 per cent were “fairly worried”. Forty-one per cent were not concerned.

Senior Labor sources acknowledge that prosecuting this message of cuts to services by a Tony Abbott-led government is the party’s main hope to stem the loss of seats…

Labor’s polling comes as Liberal Party campaign strategists resist pressure to “go more negative” with advertising attacking Mr Rudd because they believe it could damage Mr Abbott’s positive standing.

Despite strong internal pressure for more attacks on the Prime Minister and “half of Australia” urging Liberal headquarters to “crank up” negative television advertising, campaign directors are determined to stay mostly positive and synchronise advertising with the political campaign.

Although prepared to include more negative advertising in the next week, the Liberals are sticking with a mix of about 65 per cent positive ads about their policies and the Opposition Leader and 35 per cent on Labor’s record and Mr Rudd.

Last week the Liberals virtually cut out television advertising to save money, while Labor advertised strongly, with ads attacking Mr Abbott and his paid parental leave scheme.

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