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Eye Candy De Heir

Facebook. Besides being invented for the social glue that is the ‘poke’ (who do YOU poke and how often and can anyone explain why) it’s for sharing cool stuff like this 1930s aerial photograph of Edinburgh, the legendary city where I live. Originally by Alfred Buckham, I nicked it off SL’s page where it was […]

This spoke to my SciFi geek soul

A laugh out loud moment.  From here (via) Something for all the Star Trek fans out there. For those not Star Trek fans, an explanation: After sitting through four years of dull interspecies protocol seminars and tactical maneuvers groundwork, you successfully graduated from Starfleet Academy. As a newly commissioned Federation security officer, your first assignment […]

Glutton’s breakfast

The internet is a useful source of recipes. So, I thought I would add to the stock, especially as transmission of cooking skills has become something of an issue. Take one onion, one tomato, two or three mushrooms.  Skin onion and dice.  Top-and-tail tomato and slice laterally in half. Remove mushroom stalks and cut each […]

Welcome to 2013

Wishing a very happy new year to all our commenters and readers. DeusExMacintosh will return – but for now, she presents some eye candy du jour. ‘Ava good one peeps.

Calendars for all occasions

One of the more surprising entries to the calendar business is a sexy priests calendar. The declared celibates pictured are samples of what has been on offer, so to speak. We do live in surprising times. Though it does make you wonder about Catholic families steering gay sons into the priesthood. Gay Irish writer Colm Toibin […]

The invented past

In Melbourne’s Royal Arcade, originally built in 1869, stands the statues of the giants Gog and Magog.  Carved in 1892 they replicated statues erected in 1708 in London’s Guildhall. The legend being invoked is that Gog and Magog were giants defeated by the invading Trojans and made to guard a palace that stood where the […]

Modernism in religion

One of the most enjoyable polemics I have read in recent years is Christopher Beckwith’s denunciation of modernism.  Not modernity, but modernism — the belief that the new is always better than the old. A monstrously destructive delusion that consigns centuries, even millennia, of human experience, striving and achievement to the tediously passe, beneath the concern […]

Eye Candy du Jour: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012

Been a while since I did one of these, so I thought I might draw your attention to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012 slideshow currently available on the BBC. Steven Christenson was ‘only’ a runner-up with his photo of hikers Lost In Yosemite national park (which gives you some idea of the standard […]

Pennies from heaven

Copyright law has really jumped the shark. The Canadian Royal Mint wants to sue a struggling artist for featuring Canadian pennies on the cover of his latest album called No More Pennies (pictured above). (I can’t resist adding – he may be struggling but he’s not penniless, as the album cover shows. Boom tish! Okay, […]