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Sex and gender

This is based on a comment I made here. If you think the bodies are sexed (clearly true) and psyches are sexed (a bit murkier, but broadly true) then it is easy to get more than two genders. Male (male in body and psyche) Female (female in body and psyche) Third (body and psyche don’t match). Plenty of human […]

Breastfeeding law reaches everywhere except the courtroom

Via @simonwstockdale, I’ve become aware of the following case in Michigan, where a woman was chastised for breastfeeding in court: A woman fighting a Michigan boating ticket that had already resulted in a bench warrant says she had no choice but to take her 5-month-old with her to a Tuesday hearing as he recuperated from […]


From China, the intriguing news that scientists have genetically modified cows to produce milk with human proteins in it. This is not the same things as genetically modifying cows to ‘produce human milk’, as it has been reported. To me, this is a truly bizarre story. Presumably, this project was the result of several appalling […]

Things that make me proud

Jim Belshaw wrote a post listing 5 things that make him proud, and has tagged SL and I to do the same. I’m not going to write a list, mainly because I’m terrible at lists. I struggle with memes. The main thing in life that makes me proud is family: my children, my husband, my […]

Being Supermum

Having just given birth to my second child 8 weeks ago, I know it’s not easy to bounce back afterwards. When I was about 36 weeks pregnant, I was sitting in the gynaecologist’s waiting room, reading one of those trashy magazines. There was a story entitled, “How these celebs got their post-baby bodies back immediately.” […]

Pregnancy is not an illness…

…but sometimes it sure as hell feels like it. Boom tish! When I was having my daughter, we had a trainee midwife attending us as one of her “case studies” for qualification. She had a sticker or something with the motto “Pregnancy is not an illness”. From this you could tell she was young, idealistic, […]

Now that’s far too late to wean…

I am all in favour of breastfeeding. But sometimes a good thing can be taken too far. According to BBC News, Dr Izzat Atiya of Al-Hazar University in Cairo issued a fatwa as follows: He said that if a woman fed a male colleague “directly from her breast” at least five times, they would establish […]

Breast is best

In his comment on ‘Prudish Jurisprudence?’, Iain mentioned that the American public has a very strange attitude: they decry images of naked women and sex on TV, but are quite happy to see violence. This made me think of a report concerning an American parenting magazine which featured a baby feeding from its mother’s breast […]