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The Turd Umpire

Michael Clarke was involved in a physical confrontation with umpire Aleem Dar and England will press the International Cricket Council to change its rules over bad light as the Ashes series ended in boos and recriminations at the Oval. Clarke revealed he told Dar not to touch him after the official appeared to push him […]

It’s Just Not Cricket

In an interview this weekend, PM David Cameron has revealed that he’s hoping for a new kind of fairness in the coming year. While emphasising there will be no let up in dealing with the deficit, Mr Cameron clearly wants 2012 to be different. He wants to establish a new “fairness” agenda that will, he […]

‘Michael Clarke is not a tosser’

In November 2009, Paul Kent wrote this (among other nastiness) about Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke: His problem is a little more delicate. Michael Clarke is a tosser. Or, to give him an out clause, he appears to be a tosser. He might actually be an OK bloke, but how are we to ever know when all […]

Why people study statistics

It’s no secret around the place that I’m a bit of a cricket nerd, but my childhood fondness for cricket opened the door to a whole field of knowledge: that field was statistics, and to this day it’s the only area of mathematics in which I dare claim any competency. Batting averages. Bowling averages. Run […]

Hitler only faced one ball

As regular readers of this blog may have noticed, I enjoy cricket and collect cricket trivia. I do obscure cricket-y things like remember sundry batting averages and how Don Bradman was dismissed in his last innings (bowled). I’ve also played at a moderately high standard, including for Oxford University, and still get an immense kick […]

The Long Barrier

Someone listened to his cricket coach as a kid:  A British soldier has described how he picked up a Taliban hand grenade which landed at his feet and threw it back towards the enemy. Rifleman James McKie was on a tiny rooftop in Sangin. He and two of his platoon could hear the bullets fired […]

Doug the Rug

If you’ve been following Australia’s cricketing efforts in India, you’d know that this bloke has been bowling exceptionally well and seems to be at the point where he’s moving onto bigger and brighter things. However, I don’t want to address his cricketing ability (of which he obviously has a considerable amount) but the ribbing he’s […]

Peter Siddle and Delhi’s ultimate impersonator

Australian quick bowler Peter Siddle tries out his media talents when he talks to a bloke in Delhi who has half the Australian team completely down pat. Look out for the Ricky Ponting rip-off in particular — Siddle completely loses the plot and the whole thing dissolves into a memorable exercise in the giggles.

A visit to Lord’s

As part of my college’s 500th anniversary celebrations, sundry sporty types (fellows, students and alums) got together at Lord’s this week to celebrate. In matters cricketing, Colin Cowdrey is Brasenose’s most notable graduate, although there have been others who starred at county level, or as administrators. I’d never been to Lord’s before — not even […]

Stereotypes and victims of crime

There’s a lengthy and surprisingly bitter thread over at Larvatus Prodeo on two related but conceptually distinct phenomena. The first concerns cultural and racial stereotyping. The second concerns the safety advice police widely give to those who have a greater risk of being victims of crime. The post is a thoughtful one (written by regular […]