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A misbegotten Union – Guest post by Lorenzo

[SL: it is now compulsory, in order to practice in either England or Scotland, to study European Union Law (I managed to evade it at Oxford, just), which I suspect is misconceived, at least on the part of those who rather like the European Union. It exposes the bones of an organisation so badly run […]

Put not your faith in labels: naming in the dismal science – guest post by Lorenzo

[SL: A frequent criticism of economics is that the ‘dismal science’ is now too big for its boots: it makes claims in rhetorical language that would do credit to a theologian or philosopher, and often appears to step far outside its remit. This criticism is particularly acute when some large rhetorical claim turns out to […]

Know them, Daughters of Men – Guest post by Adrien

[SL: This is the third of Adrien’s occasional posts on matters artistic; his first — on Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi — is available here, with some background, while the second, on Franco-Swiss neo-classical painter Angelica Kauffmann is here. I should also point out that Adrien has been moving bloggy house again (please stop it!), and that his new […]

Postmodern Conservatism – guest post by Lorenzo

[SL: there was a time, not so long ago, when conservatives and libertarians could afford to be smug about the intellectual miasma in which left-liberals and progressives had lost themselves. It is unfortunate–and does us little credit–that when a decent number of left-liberals reacted in horror to the colonisation of their political tradition by postmodernism […]

Theology in fiction: guest post by Lorenzo

[SL: I used to think I’d read a  lot of science fiction and fantasy, and I have, but my reading depth in the two genres pales in comparison with Lorenzo’s efforts, and probably with Legal Eagle’s, too, if I’m to be honest. I’ve read enough, though, to appreciate that readers can become ghettoized, much like […]

Bork on anti-trust – Guest post by Joseph

[SL: Joseph is an occasional poster and regular lurker on skepticlawyer, a PhD graduate in Economics from the University of Queensland, and a trader with Nikko. And as you all know, we often use the expression ‘Borked’ around the place to describe something terminally and utterly… borked. Robert Bork, however, is a real person, once […]

Johann Sebastian Bach – Guest post by Ken Nielsen

[SL: After qualifying as a lawyer, Ken Nielsen switched to management and spent most of his career in the food business in Australia and Asia. In 2002 he and his wife Liz accidentally set up an opera company: He’s written for us before — a topic relevant to my piece on #groggate — on just how […]

She that gazes at her being gazed on by him – Guest post by Adrien

[SL: This is the second of Adrien’s occasional posts on matters artistic; his first — on Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi — is available here, with some background. I should also point out that Adrien has been moving bloggy house of late, and that his new home is here. Oh yes: why should you read his stuff? […]

An ‘unvalued person’: guest post by Adrien

[SL: Adrien, as you all know, is a regular commenter on this blog and over at Catallaxy. A while ago, he offered us a series of occasional guest posts on matters artistic, to which we heartily agreed as Adrien has forgotten more about fine art than most of us have ever known. In light of […]

Queers, Foucault, truth, justice and the law: guest post by Lorenzo

[Introduction by SL: Lorenzo is a blogger I admire; he writes quite a bit on Queer history, and also very wisely and thoughtfully on the ‘method’ of history and scholarship. His home blog is here. Now, I’m just a humble linguist and lawyer, but I’ve long suspected that a lot of historians have been led […]