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Wandering around YouTube I discovered, via a very funny excerpt below from The Graham Norton Show, that fans of Chris Pine (the new Capt. Kirk), are called Pine Nuts. And that fans of Benedict Cumberbatch (Pitt the Younger, Sherlock Holmes, the new Khan) are called Cumberbitches. I tend to be a fan of shows and writers or […]

Funny summaries

Came across this comment which made me laugh lots: Actually there is a cogent neo-Austrian case for fiscal stimulus, not that any self-described Austrian actually espouses it. As a result of the central bank keeping interest rates artificially low, the private sector, being made up of idiots, indulges in massive malinvestment in useless capital of excessive […]

Starships were meant to fly

There are some wonderful fanvids (fan videos) out there. Such as this inspired (and inspiring) compilation to the tune of the Nicki Minaj song Starships Were Meant To Fly. [vimeo 46927209 w=400 h=300] (Warning, some strangled profanity in lyrics, available here.)  The fan version is much better than the official music video. This is also […]


The Egyptian war chariot was a brilliantly constructed archer’s platform–light, manouevrable, sturdy. Egyptian official art regularly celebrated the prowess of Pharoah on his war chariot. Pharaoh triumphing over the vile Kush. (The Kush were apparently, by definition, vile.) Crushing his enemies under his wheels, setting his dogs on to them, having them flee his power; it […]

Things kids say

This is one of the props we use in our Weapons & Armour talk. It is a replica of a plate armour helmet, c.1400. I was using it in a country school, when one of the students blurted out “It’s a Julia Gillard helmet”! Cartoon caricatures, they affect how we see folk.  Or, perhaps, where […]

The trouble with public transport …

Is, of course, the public. As a recent cause celebre incident on a Melbourne train has demonstrated. It is the sort of incident which sparks conversations about bad experiences people, or their friends, have had on public transport, creating a reinforcing ripple effect. Public transport obviously also has issues of frequency and route convenience. […]


I love Superhero-from-comics movies. Not every one of them, but the genre. With such examples as Christopher Nolan‘s amazing Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises trilogy, they include films which are at the peak of the film-maker’s art. I have never been much of a comic/graphic novel reader.* I believe I read most of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Otherwise, […]

Putdowns with style — economists’ version

I was very chuffed when my favourite econblogger made one of my comments the centrepiece of a post. That is a prominent economist being nice. Then there are economists engaged in public putdowns. In 2002 Kenneth Rogoff penned an open letter to Joseph Stiglitz. In Scott Sumner’s words: I used to think that Ken Rogoff’s 2002 […]

Knights! Action! Camera!

Apropos nothing more than the fun of it, photographs of knights a la medieval. On parade: Breaking lances in the joust: Since 2009, there has been the annual Battle of the Nations.  The rules are explained here. You can watch Russia v USA 21v21 here. There is an online TV series; episode 1 is here […]

YouTube the time thief

I have found that YouTube is something that can swallow lots of one’s time. Particularly given the “similar recommendations” column down the right-hand side. Recently, for example, I got sucked into the Sterek phenomena. The interest by fans in imagining that there is some budding (or actual) relationship between the characters Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale in […]