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1. 30/06/08: Many thanks to fatfingers, our first donor since we started the new blog – you’re a champion!

2. 02/07/08: Next up thanks to Anonymous No 1, glad you enjoy.

3. 03/07/08: Shout-out to Ken for his contribution to the tip jar.

4. 02/09/09: Cheers to Anonymous No 2 for his bunch of readies.

5. 23/09/09: Anonymous No 1 flew by again with a fistful of dollars.

6. 28/09/09: Anonymous No 3 added to the wealth.

7. 29/09/09: Anonymous No 4 dropped a donation too.

8. 30/09/09: Anonymous No 5 decided to swing by with some folding stuff.

9. 03/10/09: Anonymous No 6 also dropped off some cash.

10. 04/10/09: Anonymous No 7 handed in some moolah.

11. 17/11/09: HeathG dropped some lunch money in the tip jar.

12. 10/01/10: And in our first donation for 2010, Anonymous no 4 swung by … again!

13. 17/03/10: M-H spread the wealth.

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