1. How do you pay the bills?

We run advertisements to pay the bills (and to pay us a bit, too). These ads are not ‘click ads’, but ‘display ads’, and there’s no link between them and what we write on the blog. There is no shilling going down around these parts…

2. Can you advise me on (…)


3. What are your political views?

Legal Eagle is quite possibly politically unique. skepticlawyer is a libertarian (classical liberal, if you will). DeusExMacintosh just finds politics endlessly amusing. WittyKnitter is a ‘unique lefty’. We often disagree with each other but care more about good writing than political purity.

4. What is your comments policy?

Keep it civil and all will be fine. Personal slurs directed at us will be deleted. Personal slurs directed at other commenters will be SOONED. The practice – invented by Catallaxy‘s Jason Soon – involves the substitution of lavish praise for foul abuse. Defamatory remarks will be deleted, unless you wish to indemnify us for all losses at law. Repeat offenders will go in the moderation filter, possibly permanently.

5. Why do you have different blogrolls?

While we like quite a few of the same blogs, we also have personal favourites. We opted for separate lists to showcase our individual preferences. We haven’t quite finished building the two lists yet, so don’t panic if your blog doesn’t appear and it’s one we both read.

6. Can I make a donation?

Of course, all donations gratefully received. Go here.

7. Who designed your site?

These people: Jacques Chester (techie stuff) and Phineas Jones (arty stuff). Good, aren’t they?

8. I’m too poor to donate. Is there any other way I can help you out?

Yes. Turn off your adblocker for this site. Means we get our advertising revenue…