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Imperialism, it is what rulerships do

I came across (via) this very silly statement: The very idea of empire was created in ancient Rome … That would be news to the Persians, the Chaldeans, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Hittites, the Egyptians, the House of Ur, the Gutians, the Akkadians, the … And that is just the Middle East. When revenue was […]

Panem et circenses

The title of this post reveals the Latin quip (by the Roman satirist Juvenal, in his 10th Satire, 77-81) from which Suzanne Collins derived the name of her fictional dystopian country in The Hunger Games (Legal Eagle’s review and commentary is here). It means ‘bread and circuses’ and is part of a lengthy whinge where Juvenal […]

‘Bollywood with Brass’

Yes, it’s a music post and… not about Metallica.  Since I’ve been at Oxford, I’ve discovered large numbers of people who study extremely interesting things. This goes without saying. As you’d expect, there’s lots of putative cures for cancer, philosophies of law, population genetics and so on to be found among the Oxford graduate community. […]