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Seasons Grievings

Australia is launching a criminal investigation into the Christmas Island shipwreck that killed at least 28 people, under people trafficking laws. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said more bodies may be pulled from the sea after a boat carrying suspected asylum seekers crashed into jagged rocks. She said the boat may have been carrying more than […]

The East Timor Solution

Australia will hold a general election on 21 August, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced. Ms Gillard – the country’s first female prime minister – said the snap poll would be “tough and close”. The governing Labor Party elected her as leader three weeks ago after ousting her predecessor, Kevin Rudd. The race between Labor […]

Border Protection

Did you ever play “chasey” as a child? If you ran around in the wild blue yonder, you were fair game for any roving pursuer, but usually, there was an area which was “safe” (in my school yard it was called “barlee“). If you were touching the “safe” tree, you couldn’t be caught. If someone […]