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Wall Art

Two Somerville Rd corner shops on opposite sides of Tuppen St have striking wall art. One has a very Oz bird scene. It is strikingly executed–somewhat better done than a lot of the wall murals one sees. I am no expert or bird-watcher but I am guessing it is a Willie Wagtail.  The trees are […]

The Hindus of the Abrahamic World

Catholics and Orthodox are the Hindus of the Abrahamic world. The divine order is populated with many Personages–not merely the Trinity, but also Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Star of the Sea, and a myriad of angels and saints. A supernatural prolixity that manifests in a certain approach to religious art and architecture. […]

What is the message here?

The Queen of Heaven Madonna and child images are common in Malta, it being a (very) Catholic country. It was charming to see her referred to, in one seaside church, as Sultana tal Paci (“Queen of Peace” in Maltese). The local shrines often had touching quality, such as the one below. (The connection to preceding […]

An ‘unvalued person’: guest post by Adrien

[SL: Adrien, as you all know, is a regular commenter on this blog and over at Catallaxy. A while ago, he offered us a series of occasional guest posts on matters artistic, to which we heartily agreed as Adrien has forgotten more about fine art than most of us have ever known. In light of […]