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The Two Cultures Redux

On May 7, 1959, British physicist and novelist C.P. Snow delivered an influential Rede Lecture at Cambridge University. His lecture concerned the intellectual division between the sciences and the humanities, and contained the following famous passage: I remember G. H. Hardy once remarking to me in mild puzzlement, some time in the 1930s, ‘Have you noticed how the word ‘intellectual’ is used nowadays. There seems to be a new definition which certainly doesn’t include Rutherford or Eddington or Dirac or Adrian or me? It […]

The Bent Spoon 2009…

… Where whack-jobs get their just deserts. I was kinda hoping Danny Nalliah and his anti-abortion noodles would get a guernsey, but the Australian Skeptics have instead gone for Meryl Dorey and her fellow anti-vax nutters for this year’s award. As Barry Williams tells it, the award has its origins back in 1982: In 1982, Australian […]

The Bent Spoon

Every year, the Australian Skeptics bestow the ‘Bent Spoon’ Award on the ‘perpetrator of the most preposterous piece of paranormal or pseudo-scientific piffle’. Upon receipt of the award, part of the small print is that anyone wishing to acquire the trophy must remove it from our keeping by paranormal means. Well, I have to say that I’ve […]