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Tony Abbott is a Spanker

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has admitted he’s not only a reader of “mummy porn”, the steamy sub-genre of literature featuring descriptions of sex scenes, he has a preferred author. Mr Abbott told the Sydney Triple M breakfast show The Grill Team, that he had read both The Bride Stripped Bare by Australian author Nikki […]

Fifty Shades of Meh

SL and I must be en rapport because we’ve both jumped on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon at the same time: her earlier comments are here. The common thread is that neither of us are impressed, and neither of us likes bad writing. The difference with my review is that I broke my resolution […]

Alternative Lord of the Rings

I have a confession to make. My favourite character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is Faramir. I wanted to marry Faramir when I was a teenager, despite him being fictional, and thus Mr Eagle harbours a bizarre jealousy against him, threatening to deface my Faramir bookmark. (Actually Eaglet No. 2 ruined the Faramir […]

GST and online sales

Over here in Australia, we’re trying to distract ourselves from the calamitous cricket result by focusing on other fights. (God, I can’t even watch said cricket any more. Too upsetting.) Retailer Gerry Harvey sparked a furore a few days ago by demanding that the government impose GST on internet sales. The Australian Retailer News reports: […]

Comfort books

A couple of times lately I’ve had to explain to people how I have certain “comfort books” which I read in times of trial. If I’m really upset or stressed, and I think I won’t be able to sleep because I’m so het up, I get out a comfort book. A comfort book is one […]