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Government by expert, scientists, and those Platonic Guardians (again) #QEDcon

Over the weekend, I was a guest at this really rather splendid skeptical convention (responsible for the terrific animation above). I and my fellow panellists (three lawyers, one science writer) got to talk about libel and defamation law, and how it relates to social media. This is, I think it’s fair to say, controversial right now. […]

Some food for thought: Reist v Wilson

Various people wrote thoughtful responses to my piece on the distinction between principled and means-end limits to law in the context of the ongoing Melinda Tankard Reist v Jennifer Wilson dust-up. I was rather busy last week and so didn’t respond; I figured I ought to respond, so here are some comments and thoughts (still, […]


Excusitis, n (med): the condition whereby one is rendered incapable of seeing the faults in one’s political position, particularly with respect to that position’s capacity to facilitate the perpetration of violence. When I was a green young lawyer, I was introduced to the ‘No True Scotsman’ logical fallacy. It’s an old concept (the argument is […]

Well, Brendan O’Neill is still a Marxist, even if the rest of Spiked have abandoned ship

This evening, the Oxford Libertarian Society hosted Spiked Online‘s Brendan O’Neill to speak on the topic ‘Why Environmentalism is the Enemy of Liberty‘. I think that O’Neill scored some good hits on the green movement: picking out the strong strains of misanthropy, paternalism and privilege attached to much environmental debate (and, it has to be […]