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Buddhism on the Maribyrnong

While taking the train across the Maribyrnong River, I have been observing the building of a Buddhist temple on the Western bank the most striking feature of which is a 16m tall gold-painted statue of Mazu, gazing out over the industrial ugliness on the Eastern bank towards Port Phillip Bay. A golden goddess gazing over […]

The Religious Education Dilemma, Again

We just got a notice from my daughter’s state school yesterday inviting us to choose which religious education class we’d like to enrol her in. There were a multitude of choices: Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Ba’hai, Buddhist and Hindu (an accurate reflection the nature of her school, I think). Finally, there was the choice to ‘opt […]

All things pass…

… Both love and mankind are grass… When I was a child and something shitty happened (which I then complained about), my father would often point out that ‘it’s only temporary!’ At the time I hated it, in part because no-one wants to admit that great truths can also sometimes be a bit glib. However, […]