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Hanging markers of humiliation

One of the less pleasant sights of Melbourne is sneakers tied together and hanging from overhead wires. These are trophies of some kid being jumped on, his or her sneakers removed and tossed where they cannot get them back. The hanging trophies of persecution can remain for weeks or even months, an enduring reminder of […]

Work and Social Networking

Social networking sites bring up a whole load of complications as they can lead to a blurring of the line between personal and professional. In a post on the topic of social networking I wrote a while back, a commenter, Chris, alerted me to a powerpoint slideshow on social networking here. It’s worth looking at […]

‘Daring’ to be Different

My year nine English class wrote me a joint letter once. It asked me to kill myself in order to improve everyone else’s educational experience (I was disinclined to acquiesce to their request). It was the culmination of a two-year program of uncontrolled bullying at a supposedly “good” Australian GPS school that included the more […]

Payback dack

There have been several posts around Ozblogistan of late concerning bullying, some of them not for the faint-hearted. I’d start with this one at Russell Blackford’s place, and then follow his links. In the comments thread to the post Russell features, quite a few people turn to how best to cope with bullying, with several […]

Cyberbullying and the law

[Cross posted at Fortnightly Review, the new online journal founded by IPRIA and the CMCL at the University of Melbourne. Please check out Fortnightly Review – it’s well worth a look.] 1. CYBER-BULLYING Cyber-bullying in Australia – Facebook It’s not only Lara Bingle and other celebrities who have to worry about cyber-bullying, “sexting” and how […]

Making someone pay for bullies

In an interesting case, the Victorian Supreme Court has decided a victim of bullying may get compensation for threats to kill made to her by a bully when she was eight years old. The compensation is under the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996 (Vic) (‘VCAA‘). Among other things, when they were both eight years […]

The wolf and the lamb

I am generally a pretty gentle person. The other day, my daughter found a spider in the corridor, and I guided it into a glass and tipped it out on the veranda. I have difficulty hurting things. However, everyone has something which pushes their buttons. For me, it’s bullying. A British teenager has become the […]