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Review of ‘Freedom of Religion & The Secular State’

On 2 February 2012, I attended the launch of Russell Blackford’s new book, Freedom of Religion and the Secular State. I’ve finished the book so I thought I’d write a brief review as well as some comments on the visible move to secularism in one of my areas of study, trusts law. Blackford’s central thesis […]

Where bad arguments go to be mocked

I’ve always found the various attempts to argue for the burqa or niqab as liberating rather than constricting and deeply misogynistic to be a steaming pile. Clearly the people at newsbiscuit agree. Some highlights: New laws in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will require that every Blackberry user dress their phone a miniature […]

Going Burq-o

[Now cross-posted at Online Opinion – 21/5/10] There’s been a lively discussion at Larvatus Prodeo about the possibility that the French will ban the burqa. Of course, this follows on the heels of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s suggestion that the burqa should be banned in Australia. Bernardi suggested that the burqa was not only a […]