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The magic of the word

When I was studying medieval Celtic history, I read somewhere that the early Irish believed that writing something down was a kind of magic, and various stories feature inscriptions in ogham, which assist the writers to find people, mark things as owned by a particular person, and to send magical messages. The early Irish were […]

ANZAC Day Redux

It seems to be de riguer for a certain type of journalist to write stuff on ANZAC Day saying that it’s a jingoistic load of crap celebrated by right-wing lunatics. Now, there’s certainly an element of society which seems to see ANZAC Day as a “glorious tradition”, and that tries to harness it to an […]

Kids on Planes

My parents were transferred overseas when I was 2 and a half years old. Apparently, I was a sanguine traveller. Nothing has changed. I remember quite a lot from our overseas travel, as I’ve explained in my “Earliest Memory Meme” post. My parents went through Mauritius, South Africa, Greece and France until we got to […]