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The Swear Bear Bunch

Alistair Campbell and Peter Capaldi were left red-faced after their sponsored swear-athon was accidentally broadcast into a creche. Tony Blair’s former spin doctor was at City trader BGC’s charity day with actor Capaldi who plays foul-mouthed communications director Malcom Tucker in The Thick of It. The pair initially got involved on the trading floor to […]

Paid maternity leave

I was doing my morning browse of the various papers when I came across this provocative statement by Susie O’Brien in the Herald Sun: Sorry, stay-at-home mums, but you don’t deserve paid parental leave. There’s one simple reason. You are not in the paid workforce. Her reasoning is that paid maternity leave is not to […]

Things that make me proud

Jim Belshaw wrote a post listing 5 things that make him proud, and has tagged SL and I to do the same. I’m not going to write a list, mainly because I’m terrible at lists. I struggle with memes. The main thing in life that makes me proud is family: my children, my husband, my […]

WTF – career counselling for toddlers?

The other day, I was talking with a kinder Dad who is a fellow lawyer. My daughter piped up, “Mummy is a Big Lawyer and I will be a Little Lawyer when I grow up.” The Dad and I exchanged looks, as I ruefully grimaced. “I’d really rather she didn’t become a lawyer,” I confessed. […]