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Under Siege

A seal has boarded a Royal Navy amphibious-assault ship as it was about to carry out military exercises near Carnoustie. HMS Bulwark was making preparations for the multinational training exercise Joint Warrior when the seal swam up the ship’s landing dock. The animal sat and watched the crew for about half an hour. It was […]

‘For War is a Drug’

O wad some Power the gift tae gie us  To see oursels as ithers see us!  It wad frae mony a blunder free us,  An foolish notion. From Robert Burns, To a Louse The course Burns commends has, of late, become unfashionable. Instead of observing others unlike ourselves and reporting back, we have been enjoined to […]

The Last of the Mohicans in Space

Well, finally managed to drag myself off to see James Cameron’s Avatar, which — it’s fair to say — divides people. In the red corner (US political colour configuration), we have Miranda Devine irritated at untoward greeniness, while in the blue corner we have this selection of links over at Hoyden About Town. Other (slightly) […]

‘Don’t touch that, it’s concentrated evil!’

There’s a fascinating post (and comments) over at Pavlov’s Cat’s place on the unease she feels at an ‘exhibit’ (it is difficult, as PC acknowledges, to know exactly what to call it) organised by Médecins Sans Frontières. The exhibit (if you want to call it that) involves replicating, with a great deal of attention to […]

Condoms and SETIcide

Nigeria’s government is asking cinemas to stop showing a science fiction film, District Nine, that it says denigrates the country’s image. Information Minister Dora Akunyili told the BBC’s Network Africa programme that she had asked the makers of the film, Sony, for an apology. She says the film portrays Nigerians as cannibals, criminals and prostitutes. […]