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CDU’s new blog and Catgate

Via Club Troppo, I see that the people at CDU Law School have set up a new blog. Ken Parish has written a post for the new blog called “Catgate Unhinged“, about the propensity of politicians to spin stories about illegal immigrants/asylum seekers in a really negative way. And yes, this so-called scandal involves a […]

Crowdsourcing bleg – getting lawyers to think creatively

Law is a conservative profession. There is a reason why a large number of us still dress in clothes associated with the 18th century, and it isn’t because barristers’, advocates’ and judges’ kit flatters anyone, male or female, fat or thin. It’s because, in the law, when it ain’t broke, lawyers are disinclined to fix […]

Tertiary boycotts, online civility and agreeing to disagree

That got your attention, didn’t it? In light of how the issue I outlined here has managed to make its way around not only Ozblogistan but the MSM, I think it’s probably worth bringing a lengthy comment I made here up into a post of its own. Before you go onto reading it, I have […]

Of secondary boycotts, free speech and… revenue

As many of  our readers are aware, the rather spiffy advertisements that–until recently–ran here (as well as on Larvatus Prodeo, Club Troppo and Jennifer Marohasy, to cover the political spectrum) were brokered by Online Opinion’s Graham Young. Graham–who both Legal Eagle and I consider a personal friend–is an internet ‘old hand’ who negotiated high quality […]

Early forms of congestion charging

I have just returned from holidays, to be confronted seriatim with my hitherto unknown role in judging Best Blog Posts 2010, the Family law exam that the weather contrived to postpone (burying the venue under snow drifts will do that) and an exploding in-tray. In the interval, here’s a nice graphic from one of my […]

Saturday chit-chat

Once again Rafe has done his round-up at Catallaxy Files and Don Arthur has done Missing Link at Troppo, so for a diverse selection of bloggy goodness, do check both out. In other news, I have seen a few pieces around the interwebs on the new security screenings at US airports, and how they amount […]

Saturday chit-chat

Well, we’ve now got two people doing Missing Link style ’round-ups’, although that said, the choices they make are rather different. As mentioned last week, Club Troppo’s Don Arthur has been doing his bit: here is the latest installment. However, Rafe at Catallaxy is also doing something similar, a reprise of the job he used […]

Weekend chit-chat

Apologies for the lateness of the weekend clink-together-like-icecubes and natter thread, but all four of us are still attempting to decorate nearby walls with our lungs (not good) while holding down various jobs, lives etc. Missing Link I would normally do a round up of the best bloggy goodness I’ve spotted, but now I don’t […]

Cheapie Crikey Subs

Before I forget (and in between running tutorials), just a reminder that Club Troppo’s Nick Gruen runs a group subscription to online newsmagazine Crikey every year. The long and the short of the arrangement is that the more people sign up through Nick’s deal (go here and follow the instructions), the cheaper it is. At […]