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Pennies from heaven

Copyright law has really jumped the shark. The Canadian Royal Mint wants to sue a struggling artist for featuring Canadian pennies on the cover of his latest album called No More Pennies (pictured above). (I can’t resist adding – he may be struggling but he’s not penniless, as the album cover shows. Boom tish! Okay, […]

Copyright, Kookaburras and Greg Ham

I was really sad to read about the recent death of Greg Ham, the flautist from Australian band Men At Work. The cause of death has still not been determined. The worst of it is that right up until his death, Ham appears to have been very distressed about a copyright case, Larrikin Music Publishing […]

This ‘n’ that

There are a few interesting posts around the place today, so I thought I’d just do a round up: HeathG at Minimal State wonders if GetUp! will get into trouble with copyright law as a result of its political satire video (which lends from various Hollywood blockbusters). I hope not, the video is rather funny, […]

The Pachelbel Canon

There’s a lot of it, and it’s all the same tune. Pray that nobody owns the copyright or the modern music industry will collapse. Comedian Rob Paravonian does the Pachelbel Rant. He’s following you too…

Down, Kookaburra, Down

I learn via the Hoydens that the Federal Court (oh, the stupid, it burns) has decided that Men at Work’s Down Under infringed the copyright held by the owners of Kookaburra Sits Under the Old Gum Tree. Here are a few observations from a lawyer who has handled some small IP matters. 1. IP law is […]