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PC Pleb

Andrew Mitchell has quit as government chief whip after weeks of pressure over an argument with police officers in Downing Street. The Tory MP has admitted swearing at officers in the incident but again denied calling police “plebs”. He told David Cameron – who has stood by him – that “damaging publicity” meant he could […]

Bikes and cars

I work at a university, and I drive to work. Accordingly, there is plenty of opportunity to observe bicycle-car interactions at their most crazy. The Age had the following report today which doesn’t surprise me at all: Melbourne cyclists are running red lights at an alarming rate, with hundreds detected in a covert operation; at […]

Edinburgh Nocturne

I’ve long admired cycling photographs that feature the racing cyclist as a blur of movement against what appears to be a stationary background, and wondered if it were possible (one day) for me to take a similar shot. I have a reasonable quality digital camera but nothing out of this world; it does have — […]