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Black and White Balls

David Cameron says it is his “mission” in politics to make the Big Society succeed – amid claims it is being wrecked by spending cuts. The PM told social entrepreneurs the initiative would get all his “passion” over the five-year Parliament. The government has also set out details of how a Big Society bank to […]

Creative Destruction

The government will provide more money to help unemployed people who want to set up their own companies, David Cameron has announced. The prime minister said New Enterprise Allowance projects, offering start-up loans and weekly allowances, could create 40,000 businesses by 2013. He predicted the next few years could be “some of the most dynamic […]

Dave New World: Breeding Hell

New Conservative peer Howard Flight has issued an “unreserved” apology for saying child benefit changes would encourage the poor to “breed”. In a statement issued by the party, Mr Flight said he would like to withdraw the remark, made to a newspaper. His comments came after David Cameron urged him to apologise but rejected calls […]

The Public Private Partnership

The woman behind David Cameron’s personal video blog has been given a civil service job as the government’s official film-maker. Nicky Woodhouse, who ran the Webcameron site, was appointed on Monday. This was the same day as former Conservative Party stills photographer Andy Parsons got a civil service job. Labour said Mr Parsons’ appointment was […]

The Daily Mail says ‘No’

The welfare system is also there to help people of a working age when they lose their job, have a disability, start a family and need help with low pay. But the truth – as everyone knows – is that the welfare system is failing many millions of our fellow citizens. People find themselves trapped […]

Fraud, Error & Waste ™

The penny finally dropped over the weekend when I was telling SL about an unseemly exchange on the blog of Conservative MP Nadine Dorries. If you Twitter all day, every day about claiming disability benefit in one tweet whist arranging a night out in the pub in the next. If you tweet about claiming six […]

Dave New World: The Greedy and Breedy

The new cap on family benefits will encourage “responsibility” about the number of children people have, a cabinet minister has said. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt told BBC Two’s Newsnight that the state should not support families who get more in benefits than the average family earns. But Mr Hunt said a ceiling of about £26,000 […]

Dave New World

David Cameron has launched his “big society” drive to empower communities, describing it as his “great passion”. In a speech in Liverpool, the prime minister said groups should be able to run post offices, libraries, transport services and shape housing projects. Also announcing plans to use dormant bank accounts to fund projects, Mr Cameron said […]