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Check your expectations (2) Women preferring Sharia

I am deeply sceptical about any legal recognition of Sharia on two grounds. First, it is profoundly misogynist, starting with the discounting of evidence from women. Second, it evolved as an imperial legal system. It does not claim to be a legal system for only the faithful, as Jewish law does, but God’s law, applying […]

Drawing a long bow – Gillard and cohabitation

Bettina Arndt wrote a piece in the SMH the other day which Paul Norton at LP has described as a “Bondi cigar“, and I must say I’m inclined to agree with Paul’s assessment. Jason Soon alerted me to the piece in the first place, and I must say I’ve stolen his heading for my post […]

Mummies and Daddies

I was interested to read today that a woman has failed in her legal bid to stop her former partner from encouraging their six-year-old daughter to call his new partner “Mummy D”. Unfortunately the judgment doesn’t seem to be available online yet. [The mother] said encouraging the term of endearment was ”an incendiary action” by […]

The Amazing Disappearing Assets

Anyone who has a superannuation fund or the like has probably watched their assets drop in value to a massive degree over the last year or so. Right now I’m glad I don’t have my money tied up in shares. The drop has been so sharp that it has produced some interesting legal problems. Take, […]